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Can I attach this pergola to my house

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Feb 12, 2008
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Can I attach this pergola to my house


Please see the attached pics. The first picture shows the grape vine I have grown in our backyard. The second and third pictures show the kind of pargola/arbor I am thinking of constructing in the backyard. I am thinking of a simpler structure.

1. Would this create any structural issues for my house (about 40 years old)?
2. What is the best of attaching the structure to the outer wall of the house?
3. Do I need to get city permision to do build something like this?
4. Any other advice you can give me?


pergola attached.jpg
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Feb 7, 2017
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Based on Pic # 1
Looks like you have a brick house, so I don’t see why this would not work.

I would just google to find info on how to build it properly, if it’s a DIY Project
Starting with selecting, and anchoring the required ledger board to your back wall

Or maybe ask a Home Improvement Store for advice
I am sure some probably have a project sheet on Pergolas like they do on decks

As for permissions...
You’ll have to check the Bylaw & Building Dept at City Hall for the jurisdiction where you live
Typically, gazebos & such do not need permits
BUT this is attached to your house ... so it might
(Know In some cities, that floating decks don’t, but attached decks do)

PS... nice looking grape vine you got growing there
Gonna look awesome on top of a Pergola


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