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Can I use this Nescafe $1 coupon from samplesource?

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  • May 6th, 2019 11:52 am
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Oct 1, 2011
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Can I use this Nescafe $1 coupon from samplesource?

Provigo and Loblaws has a 5000 points offer WUB Nescafe K-Cups.
It is selling for $15.99 for box of 30.
It would cost $9.99 for the Nescafe Gold with the coupon and points offer.
I tried using it at Provigo and cashier said it was the wrong size.

Coupon says "SAVE on one (1) NESCAFE Coffee Capsules, 9g - 10.5g, any variety"

From the description, the size refers to the weight of each capsule and not how many capsules in a box, but the picture shows a box of 12.

Usually, you can only use a coupon for the bigger size, not a smaller size. Like the recent Folgers coupon valid on box of 30 only.

So, can I use this coupon on a box of 30?
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Go talk to customer service where you have more time to explain to them that the weight is for each capsule.
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