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Canadian Tire

Can.T: Coghlan compact hammocks for day to day or camping 30% off

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  • Jul 20th, 2014 2:43 pm
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May 25, 2011
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[Canadian Tire] Can.T: Coghlan compact hammocks for day to day or camping 30% off

Just saw this in the Can.T website. Seems like a good deal and very compact for day to day carry in your bag or bike or in the car ready for adventure. Add a sil-nylon tarp or cheap tarp and you are good to go. ... 8sfA0BA7kc

13.99 / 19.99 reg ... 8sfEEBA7kc

17.49 / 24.99 reg

I have no experience with the single hammock. I own the double and IMHO it is worth it for a single person or if you plan on doubling up with a friend. 300lb max limit. The straps that came with it will get you going out the box but IIRC I counted off about 10-12 steps between trees is the range of the straps (IIRC I did 1-2 wraps around the tree each then did 2 pretzel knots on each side and it held up ok). If you do get the double hammock I recommend getting some extra cordage like 550 Paracord at an army surplus or buy some extra rope rated at 300 pound test or more and use that to help with extending the range of the hammock if you can not always find the ideal distance between the trees or in my case which I found out the straps would not handle what I call a 'full hug tree' (~1.75-2.0 feet diameter).

Some notes to consider if you are going to go with this double hammock:

1. If you have belt line EDC (everyday carry) of anything like a knife/multitool/flashlight/etc it can catch in the netting of the hammock and be annoying at times when you have to get up and leave to pull the netting off your pouches.

2. If you wear a vest like a fishing or outdoor travel vest and it has the waist tabs buttons on both sides the buttons can snag on the netting. I would carry a sewing repair kit and also reinforce the buttons with a few stitches. I had button pop off my vest.

3. If you wear pants with button back pockets again you run the chance of the button snagging the netting. Reinforce your buttons and carry a mini sewing kit (walk into any hotel and act like you're on your way to your room at the front desk and ask for a sewing kit)

I did a speed setup test once and it took me about 1m40seconds to setup the hammock but the first time I set it up with no experience was like 5-7mins of trial and error then it got faster each following setup so not too complicated for a newbie. From my experience you want the hammock tied to the trees at shoulder level. Think that is too high? Just wait till you get in the hammock then it will just about right.

Some other uses and notes:

-When in a stock sack (I used a North49 8L waterproof bag) you can play foot ball with it.

-Improvised volleyball net

-Improvised badminton net

-Fishing net

-No seats in the park and you have little kids? Tied the hammock between two park benches and under load it hovered about 2inches off the ground. Good for say 3-6 kids to rest their feet (weight pending obviously)

-Fits inside a MOLLE II USGI Canteen/General purpose pouch (does not effect the two side outside pouches)
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These hammocks are garbage. But then again... what do you expect for $20 (or $13).
I fell through a single and I was 200lbs. The rope is FAR too fragile. Maybe if you were 100lbs or a child then it'd be ok, but it's a cascade effect. Once one rope is compromised it's a matter of time before you're going through.

I spent $100 on a proper rope hammock and wouldn't trade it for anything.


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