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Can USB cables degrade over time resulting in sound loss?

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  • Nov 17th, 2018 9:40 pm
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Jun 5, 2017
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Can USB cables degrade over time resulting in sound loss?

I have a 6 foot USB-A to USB-B 2.0 Cable hooked up from my computer to my mini stereo to play music. whether i play audio from the stereo speakers or headphones hooked up to the stereo the sound cuts out and i have to unplug the cable from the stereo input and hook it back in to get the sound to play again. Its extremely annoying and does it alot. Is this due to the cable degrading resulting in signal loss? the cable is very old.
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Aug 19, 2018
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It is possible but more likely that the connector is loose if it is something to do with the cable. USB signal is not high voltage enough to degrade the material.
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Dec 23, 2003
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Assuming that the connectors are not damaged, it could be dust causing connectivity issues or electrical shielding that could be wearing out.

To tackle the dust issue, I would unplug the cables from both sources and get some compressed air to blow any dust from the cable ends as well as on the mini stereo and computer connections. Plug the cable back in and see if that fixes the issue.

If it is the shielding, just replace a cable with something decent. I find Prime Cables or Amazon Basics seem to do a good job at a decent price.
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