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[Canada Computers] AOC 31.5" 1440p 10-bit IPS 75Hz Freesync [299.99]

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  • Mar 21st, 2019 11:11 pm
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Jun 27, 2004
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wlee wrote: Both AOC and Acer are 8+2bit panels? Can't seem to find on their page showing capable of 1.07 billion colors.
I've only checked the first AOC review linked in the original post, but it says, "10-bit colour is supported via 8-bit + FRC dithering."
-- https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/aoc-q3279vwfd8/

https://www.displayninja.com/aoc-q3279vwfd8-review/ says 8+FRC, as well.

Title should be updated, as it's not a true 10-bit panel.
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Nov 19, 2003
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I have this monitor and my only issue with it is that there are only two options for the screen prompt (one when it powers up and one when it powers down), and I'm not a fan of either, but there is no option to change it unless you sign a waiver promising to get rid of your car, stop taking airplanes and give your neighbour half of everything you own. A bit frustrating. Also, its a bit thick and its not really very bright. Personally if I were you, I'd pass on this one and wait for them to invent technology that's never even been invented yet.

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Is the stand height adjustable?
Jun 9, 2017
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The monitor probably is going to die in 10 years since that's when she thinks the world is going to end