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Canada Education Savings Grant - when does govt contribute?

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  • Jun 24th, 2019 5:51 pm
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Canada Education Savings Grant - when does govt contribute?

I opened an RESP for my kids a few months ago. when the RESP was opened up the bank also filled out the forms for CESG and sent them off. any idea when the government is supposed to kick in their 20%? i dumped some money in there the day it was opened. just want to make sure the bank did the forms correctly, or see if i need to intervene and correct things
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It's usually on a few month's delay. You should be getting it soon. If not, call the bank.

Edit: always at end of month
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Your very first CESG payment can take almost 2 months to appear in account if you are contributing monthly. Organizations typically send contribution detail after a month and it can take another 3-4 weeks from that point to receive CESG grant. After that it should appear in account every month.
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what ⬆ he said. Do not worry OP.
How long it will take to process the application

The application must be complete and accurate to avoid delays. Once accepted, the Government of Canada will deposit the CESG in the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) within 65 days of a contribution.
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I'm with Questrade. The match is posted the last day of the following month, ie contributions in January will come Feb 28. New account could be longer? I'd start digging after 3 months.