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[Canada Post] Canada Post save 50% on one Expedited Parcel (includes USA) shipment (Targeted YMMV)

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  • Feb 8th, 2021 6:19 pm
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Nov 28, 2003
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[Canada Post] Canada Post save 50% on one Expedited Parcel (includes USA) shipment (Targeted YMMV)

February 24, 2021
Canada Post
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Got an email from Canada Post, not sure if targetted:
Earn more rewards while you grow your business.

Time is running out for you to save 50% on sending a parcel to Canada or the United States!

You have until 2021-02-24 to save 50% when sending a package with Expedited Parcel™ or Expedited Parcel™ – USA†, the economical and reliable choices for shipping to Canada and the United States.

Here’s how to use your promo code:

1. Sign in to Canada Post Snap Ship™ and enter your shipment details.

2. Select Expedited Parcel or Expedited Parcel – USA.
3. Enter your payment details and promo code ACTION18, then click ‘Apply’ to receive your discount.

† Applies to one package only, on the net-value before options and taxes, when using the Canada Post Snap Ship™ online tool. Some exceptions and conditions apply.

The offer is available to Canada Post Solutions for Small Business™ customers whose customer number is printed on this email, unless the customer has a pre-existing or newly signed parcel agreement with Canada Post.

* Where available. Additional fees may apply.
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Sep 10, 2009
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This is targeted randomly. I got this two months ago.
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Jan 23, 2006
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13inches wrote: Still 100% too high.
That! Use netparcel with UPS.

Don’t risk getting your items stuck at the CP black hole.

Heck, even if they pay you, avoid CP!
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My sisters package (CP Expedited) to my son destined to Toronto went from Toronto to Vancouver, back to Toronto and then finally to Vancouver. Took a little over a month.
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Apr 11, 2012
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50% off but takes 500% more time to arrive...
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Question: When is a "deal" not a deal?
Answer: When it relies on Canadapost
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djredhat wrote: That! Use netparcel with UPS.

Don’t risk getting your items stuck at the CP black hole.

Heck, even if they pay you, avoid CP!
Until one of your customers addresses is to a PO Box...
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Aug 25, 2011
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We have used different Canada Post promotions for parcels - less than impressed, but there have been some savings. What is the best - least expensive way to ship in Canada? Carry on bag to goalie bag size of package. I live in Ontario but have family all the way from NFLD to Victoria - so this is big issue for me.
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Nov 28, 2003
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My personal experience with Canada Post has been very positive except for at the beginning of COVID in March when things were stuck in the Mississauga depot for 2-3 weeks.

I have 8 shipments with Canada Post in December so far. 4 of them were received in 1 or 2 days for Ontario destinations (ship from Markham), 2 were to West Coast and were received within 7 calendar days (normal speeds). The last two were shipped to BC and SK on the 23 and 30th and are taking a bit longer because of holidays but still expected to arrive first week of Jan.
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Oct 16, 2004
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CanadaPost can be competitive with NetParcel to some remote US locations or on smaller items below 2 lb. It can definitely be competitive within Canada to remote locations.
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Oct 21, 2015
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13inches wrote: Still 100% too high.
shipping to China 4lb is only $25ish with Canada post
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Nov 11, 2008
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wow, so much hate for canada post. I haven't lost a parcel yet and most have been on-time or early. Guess I'm lucky.
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Aug 4, 2007
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Canada Post is probably the worst and least reliable service there is... Their services should be free... Shipped a package worth of $600 of hard drives on December 6th, from Montreal to Montreal. It is Dec 31st, it hasn't arrived yet and nobody knows why...

It is stuck in limbo...

Shipping service: Expedited Parcels
Features and options: Signature Required. Additional information
Tracking number: #

Delivery standard: Dec. 11

Expected delivery: Item delayed — stay tuned for updates
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Dec 13, 2014
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Canada Post is a joke. Delivery guy had my package, rang our buzzer, I said I’ll buzz you in, and then he proceeds to write a note for pickup instead. I literally watched him drive away with my package. **** these mail men.
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Aug 11, 2009
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Thatdealguy wrote: shipping to China 4lb is only $25ish with Canada post
What service did you use to ship to China? That’s a good deal!
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At least CP is better than USPS

Back and forth between facilities since dec 4
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Jan 18, 2005
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Shipped a parcel to Vancouver from Mississauga on Dec 3.
Shipped a second parcel to Vancouver from Mississauga on Dec.14. (Both expedited parcel, both from/to same address)

I get a notification on Dec.21 that a parcel was delivered. Guess which one? The second parcel. The first arrives on the 24th.

At least they arrived. Smiling Face With Open Mouth