Canada Salvage Title Vehicle - Transfer to US

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Sep 6, 2020
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Canada Salvage Title Vehicle - Transfer to US

I'm looking at a car with a salvage title. I verified that there was no structural damage to the car, so I'm not worried about that. The damage was to the radiators, headlights, front sensors, and front bumper. Those components were expensive enough that it resulted in an insurance write-off, but all of those components have all been replaced. So from my perspective, it's a great price on the car and I'm OK with the prior damage and repair.

The problem is that I'm moving to the US next year. I know that cars can be transferred to the US by paying the 2.5% duty. But it seems like there is a restriction on salvage titles, even if the vehicle has been repaired to "as new" condition and it meets all emissions and safety equipment requirements.

Is there any way I can transfer this car to the US next year when I move? I'd love own this car and bring it when I move. Thanks!
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I suspect it's very unlikely you'll get an answer here as I suspect there's very few people on the forum that have imported Canadian cars into the US let alone imported a Canadian car with a salvage title into the US. Furthermore, I'm certain that it depends on which state you are planning on registering in so you'd have to find someone that imported a Canadian salvage vehicle into the US into the same state that you are planning on moving to. You're going to have to do your own research on this.

Unless you can confirm with State DMV that you'll be able to import it, you should only buy it assuming that you won't be able to bring it into the US and will have to resell it next year.
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very quick google search ..............

" Import Vehicles with missing EPA stickers will not be allowed into the USA without contacting the Manufacturer of the Engine for a replacement. Additionally, if the vehicle is a salvaged, repaired salvaged or reconstructed motor vehicle, it is not admissible for import into the U.S. "

I would recommend you contact U.S. border services for complete advice.