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Canadaintire Battery Warranty Story

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  • Mar 24th, 2011 7:29 pm
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Nov 8, 2007
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Canadaintire Battery Warranty Story

I bought a car battery from Canadiantire which has a 3 year replacement 9 year prorated warranty on it. The battery died after 4 years. I took it back to the store where I bought it, the lady manager took one look at it and said, the warranty is void. The conversation went as follows:

"There is no warranty on it because you exposed it to freezing conditions"
"This is Canada" *looking outside at the snow*
"It doesnt matter where you are, if you expose it to freezing conditions, the warranty is void"
"The car is parked inside a heated garage"
"You can be in Arizona and the battery will still freeze if you don't have a charge on it"
"There is a charge on it, it is running at 11.3 volts, and it is dead because I cannot charge it back up; I can't keep a charge on it because it won't accept charges"
"Well, the warranty is void because you exposed it to freezing conditions, it is written right on the warranty pamphlet"
"So you will not honour the warranty"
"No, because you exposed it to freezing conditions"
"It never frozed because it was in a heated garage"
"It did freeze, the side is kind of budging"
*Looking at the new batteries* "Mine actually budge less than the new ones you are selling"
... silence ...
"So, you will not honour the warranty"

I went home and shreded my Canadiantire creditcard, they have lost a customer who USED to buy all automotive products from them.
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Jun 19, 2001
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Did you contact Canadian tire at all, or this is just based on a conversation with the csr?
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Sep 30, 2004
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Usually they will perform a 2 min test on the battery to see if the plates inside the battery are grounded due to freezing . Go to another location or call head office . You gave up too easily .
Apr 9, 2007
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Toronto, ON
I second that. Crappy Tire is great for returns, just like Walmart & Costco. We bought a camping stove and the regulator broke the first time we used it - liquid propane flying everywhere. They took it back no questions asked :) It's having this comfort with these stores that keeps me coming back. Sounds like the person you were dealing with deserves to be fired :razz:
Nov 21, 2010
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yeah just change to another location and probably u will get a better result !
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Oct 22, 2009
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Like all retailers these days, it really depends on the location you go to sometimes & most often the person you talk too.

Similar story - I had our Northside location tell me there was nothing they could do for a dead battery that couldn’t hold a charge a few years ago since I didn’t have the receipt. Granted that was my g/f fault, but it was date-stamped (barely a year old) + said MotoMaster on the damn thing. After a phone call to their service manager, drove across town to the Southside, they exchanged it no problems.
Jun 1, 2005
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Canadian tire is the worst place to do anything with your car. Bad experience all the way.
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Mar 21, 2002
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Unfortunately, most of the stores are independently owned so it's difficult to get any consistency across the chain when it comes to returns and the like.
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Mar 31, 2001
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I hate the way they treat you when returning the Mastercraft crapola.
I lost the receipt and although the battery was still in warranty they won't touch it cause I might not be the "original owner"
So I went to Walmart and bought a battery cheaper with better warranty and the guy said you don't need a receipt to claim warranty.

It is not worth getting irritated, it is not worth it.... Wish everyone happiness, and you yourself will be happy.
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Nov 8, 2007
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Finally had time to visit another Canadiantire. This time, it is an older gentleman with tattoos all over.
He opened up the battery. "you need some water, remember to use de-ionized water only"
He topped up water and put on to machine. Computer ran diagnostic while he helped another customer, out came a print out, the gentleman read it and told me, "yar battery may still be working, the computer is trying to save eet, it may save ya a few bucks, come back in 90 minutes"
Returned, he showed me the print out, battery working at 12.235V, amp is down, computer conclusion, I can keep using the battery or store can prorate warranty. The option to give warranty credit is printed right on the print out, the CSR never needs to make a decision on whether the battery is good or bad. He crunched the number, it will cost me about $50 for a new battery.
"Up to ya, it will cost ya $50 including tax but much safer in cold weather"
"may as well" and paid for a new battery
As he was doing up the paperwork, I asked, was the battery frozen which caused it to fail?
"f*** no"... points at a mud crusted balloon looking battery in the back, "that's what a frozen battery looks like"
Now somewhat comfortable that he is not going to deny my warranty claim, I told him what happened at the other store.
He said: "I bet I know which store it is, she is just too f***ing lazy to do up the paperwork. Your water is a little low but the electrodes are still covered so no problem at all. Just add some water and hook up to computer, takes 2 minute. she is just being a b****."
I like this guy, unfortunately, it is too late for my Canadiantire Mastercard which did ended up going through my shredder.
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Nov 27, 2008
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Good to hear it worked out with the second store. I love when they admit that staff at other stores are sometimes just being lazy. I try and stay away from Canadian Tire whenever possible because of some of the service I have had there.


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