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[CanadaLuggageDepot] Leo by Heys HBX3 Hybrid 3pc Luggage Set $188

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  • Jul 11th, 2018 9:59 pm
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Apr 20, 2003
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Leo by Heys HBX3 Hybrid 3pc Luggage Set $188

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Since I saw lots of other luggage posts, thought I'd add this one that I was looking at, though I didn't end up getting it. Leo is Heys' "budget" brand, and I couldn't find many reviews. But it's an interesting set, being a hybrid with a polycarbonate shell with a polyester layer with pockets on top like a soft-shell. Available in black or blue.
No idea when the sale ends, it's been up for at least 2 weeks since I was first searching for luggage.

I ended up with a 3pc Delsey Provence set off someone on Kijiji in Markham. I don't know how they have so many brand new sets in blue, grey, and pink and sealed in the original shipping boxes... they said the pink was sold, I bought the blue, and they're listing all 3 colours again... The Bay is the only place I've seen that sells this model... I don't know where they got them, and I don't want to know more either Face With Stuck-out Tongue And Tightly-closed Eyes
http://www.thebay.com/webapp/wcs/stores ... 838836--24
They posted it up at $180 but they were willing to sell me a set for $160. Delsey gets good reviews, and local so didn't have to wait for shipping, esp if there were any problems.
But this is a grey market, so I won't advise anyone get it but just putting it out there. If Canadaluggagedepot were local and the HBX were the same price I would have went for that instead.

Edit: Also should mention, that seller listed the larger piece at 31x20x12" which would be over the max of most airlines' 62". But I emailed Delsey beforehand (and measured when I got home), to quote them: "To be exact the dimensions are 30.5” x 19.5” x 12”." So DON'T USE THE EXPANSION on the large piece, unless you like risking paying the over-sized fees.

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