Canadian airlines scamming consumers again as hoped-for bounceback in demand fizzles

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  • Sep 20th, 2020 6:58 pm
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Pete_Coach wrote: Look, as I have said, and have said from the beginning of this crisis, the airlines initially were legislated into doing what they had to or could do. Not just Canadian airlines but all airlines. Airlines (and many big businesses) operate on small cash flow and they ran out of cash early on and in order to give clients something, they offered vouchers and credits. They had no money to give so they gave what they could. As this dragged on, it got even worse for their financial position. Those are facts and the situations. I may or may not agree with it but I am realistic and logical enough to understand this. So many were not and let emotion and falsehoods and group dynamics overtake the reality of things.

The situation that exists now, with A/C and WS is not of the past issues, it is diminished passenger capacity and underused routes and schedules. The routes and schedules have to been announced yet but people are jumping up and down about scams and getting screwed. So hence, they make changes. Schedule change all the time for a variety of reasons but now it seems it is a scam. No one has yet said their flights are cancelled or altered or changed yet this thread has turned it into some sort of airline screwing everyone issue. They have already said they will change the passenger sot a different flight. No one is getting screwed, inconvenienced maybe but,...

Yes, the legal recourse will take time and will most likely cost more to adjudicate than the cost of the ticket, that is a given. That is why I have suggested the non expiring vouchers be take so that when this is all over, at least you can go n a vacation again.

As for the story, it starts off with a Transat issue, not even A/C or WS. Thing with Transat is that they were under the possibility of a buy out prior to COVID and who knows now. They have no money to operate in their own so what is happening wit them? Booking with them, during COVID , is not a smart thing to do. If any airline is screwing anyone, it would be Transat by accepting booking for the Fall and Winter southern vacations.

I am not supporting, I am only trying to reason and inject reality into what is clearly an emotional issue. Of course it would be great if everyone got all their money back, I have said that in other threads but the reality is no money, can't do it. No matter how much hate, they cannot give what the don't have.

As a seasoned traveler with many decades of business travel and as many vacations, I am very supportive of the travel industry, be it airlines, hotels, agencies, tour operators, cruise lines, railways and all the ancillary businesses that depend on the travel sector. I actually supported the auto industry when they went into crisis and got big bail outs so they could operate and produce. I would support airline bail out as well, so they could keep operating and refund passengers.

Sorry about the length. I am not arguing, just trying to be undramatic.
No apology necessary. While we don’t always agree I can appreciate a well written and thought out point of view. Well done.

I have a flight on AT leaving Boxing Day. Booked it before any of this started. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re operating then.
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benjicash wrote: No apology necessary. While we don’t always agree I can appreciate a well written and thought out point of view. Well done.

I have a flight on AT leaving Boxing Day. Booked it before any of this started. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re operating then.
Thank you.

There are several threads on this forum dealing with the Air Canada and Westjet (and other Canadian carriers) non refund issue. There are numerous facebook pages on it too. As well as discussions in Flyertalk and other travel sites. Canadian carriers are not alone in non refunding. As much as everyone likes to cite U and American rules, that is not going as good as some like to think. As well, there have been a number of attempts at class action lawsuits.
While people have declined the vouchers and bought into class action law suits or, they have tried (with limited success) in charge backs, the reality of it is that the airlines have no cash to give money back. Had there been a bailout offered by Canada as with several other nations, there could have been cash refunds but, it did not happen.

I have always wished others success in their fight (to the chagrin of some posters) but I tempered it with reality. I then became the antichrist of refunds. As it stands right now, we are not very much forward of where we were back in March when this all began. Reality has set in for some and the hope they have is to win a class action lawsuit. I truly sympathize and am not a spokesperson or cheerleader for the airlines, I only ever wanted folks to temper their expectations and, here we still are.

There is no scam or swindle or dishonesty or crooked dealings going on, it is pure business with what the companies have left. They are in the same spot as so many Canadian businesses...on the verge of collapse.

I hope that your Transat flight goes as you planned it but, as you can see, things are pretty fluid.
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