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Canadian Cheesecake Factory...not the American Group

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Jul 11, 2006
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Canadian Cheesecake Factory...not the American Group

Canadian Cheesecake Factory
24 Martin Ross Ave
M3J 2K8 Toronto - North York
Ontario - Canada
416 665 7363

Purchased as Food Basics. Strawberry Cheesecake-Ne York Style
Seems to be new there so I thought I would try. I usually buy the Metro (Food Basics)- Irresitable Cheesecakes which are quite good-decent. IMO

I hate to say...just terrible. One of the worst products ever tasted. Soggy bottom. Little flavour to a creamy soft cheese filling. The strawberry topping was sparse and had little flavour. Did anyone from Metro ever taste this product before stocking it?
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May 2, 2009
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Was wondering about that brand. Thanks.

I bought the new Japanese style cheesecake, frozen, from Superstore. Haven't tried yet. Will review.
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