Canadian Couch Potato (Model Portfolio Questions)

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Oct 23, 2016
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Canadian Couch Potato (Model Portfolio Questions)

I've been following the Canadian Couch Potato investing Model Portfolio's for about 2 years now (which has been easy/great).

I've been fully invested in the Asset Allocation ETF's (my model 50% XAW, 25% ZAG, 25% VCN).

My question is that last year, the portfolios were a little different than what is shown this year (Vanguard/iShares ETF's.).

Is there any real reason to sell off the XAW, ZAG, VCN to purchase the new Model Portfolios (VBAL/VGRO, XBAL/XGRO)?

Currently, my ideal portfolios would look like:
Savings: Full of either XBAL/VBAL
TFSA: Full of either VGRO/XGRO
RRSP: Full of either VGRO/XGRO

I've tried to search this for a bit -> but if you are aware of a similar thread, please let me know.

Appreciate all the help.
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No real reason to sell/switch.

If you're comfortable with your current portfolio and it seems that you are, just stay put.

People end up losing more money by constantly switching rather than staying invested. Keep at it!
Be Balanced. Be Diversified. Stay Invested.
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There will come a time when some rebalancing will be needed. That could be the time to sell individual ETFs and move into the all-in-one ETF.
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Oct 23, 2016
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Thanks everyone - appreciate all the help!


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