Canadian Insurance and wealth management stocks

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Jul 4, 2018
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Canadian Insurance and wealth management stocks

Can I get experts opinion on Canadian insurance companies like Manulife MFC?
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Nov 17, 2016
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Not an expert but own ELF and I switch between SLF and MFC depending on valuation and global events. Right now it looks like Cjina is opening again while the rest of the world is down for another month or so. I really like MFC now. I wrote this yesterday in another thread:

bought some MFC, it was between this and ELF. I own a nice amount of both. Glad to see a down day on MFC despite no change to interest rates today.

Everyone is buying the casualty insurers because driving and home accidents are lower so ELF isn't at a big discount any more.

But I know from my own building that massage, dental, and eye doctor visits are down. I read that Hospitals are encountering the same issue with less patients for non-covid problems such as heart attacks. 

Also, the brokerage told me they're selling a lot of guaranteed life insurance to people that are panick buying it right now. I'm assuming these are people staying home that that are bored and are looking for stuff to buy (like all RFDers).