canadian tire complaints?

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Oct 24, 2003
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I got my car fixed at Canadian Tire about 3 years ago. I came out needing a new transmission. CT hasn't touch a single car I own since that day! I don't understand why people keep going back to them!
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Apr 18, 2010
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Whether it's CT or any repair shop, you should get recommendations before going there. As others have said, CTs are independently owned and will vary one from another.
But I often find that the bigger the place, the worse the customer service. I like the small one personal shop for my car work. I like to know that the same person is there day after day so that if he screws something up he has to take ownership of it.
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Oct 6, 2010
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Alright, since this thread was bumped, I'll share an observation story for giggles. Pulled in to the parking lot for CT on Laird&Eglinton one fine sunny Saturday afternoon. A CT employee and a gentleman was inspecting this little red car, Civic or some other tiny wheels, and placed a scissor jack just under the front well. Now, if you are fimilar with this CT, the car parked front on, facing the walkpath/divider between parking lots. Oh, I was thinking this will be good. The car was high enough off the ground to remove the front drivers side tire. The CT employee looked at the brake/rotor. He than began to jack up the car higher when all of a sudden, the car began to slide forward. Drama! The jack slipped forward while the car was in forward motion, inserting itself into the radiator causing fluid to leak. The jack then fell completely forward, perhaps slipping on the lube, and dug deeper into the rad, while the front bumper collided with the walkway, ripping the drives side right off, and the rotor ended up into the pavement of the parking lot. All the customer could do was the Home Alone scene. All the CT employee could do was look dummified and pace back and fourth. The customer was devastated and began to cherp that CT was repariing this now. I giggled a little and walked to Pet Smart to see what new exciting skimmer I could score for my aquarium. I got a super hot deal and my marine tank was beautiful.
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Nov 8, 2005
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I don't care which banner they work under, the only entity I care about is the person who has his/her head under my hood.
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Jan 8, 2007
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Kingston, ON
At least they didn't put uni directional tires on the wrong way like walmart did to me
Nov 14, 2006
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A week ago we needed two ignition coils for our car...the guy said, "you should replace all 4 b/c they will fail soon." The price was $153.99 each, just for the part. After they do the work, I find the same part at a *dealer* for $106!! Since when is the dealer cheaper than CTire? We broke down in the evening near a Canadian Tire so we used them for the repair. The next day while they were waiting on parts, I call and ask for an oil change(if I could use my CT Auto Club $19.99 coupon. "No Problem, bring it in when you come to pay.") As well, I knew we needed a cabin air filter and asked them to install that. Of course, the car was ready several hours later than promised, but I expected that. When talking with a service person on the phone at the end of the service, I asked if they had replaced the cabin filter. "Uh, ummm, uh, yep, looks like they did it." We go to pick the car up and 1) they will not take the Auto Club coupon for oil change b/c the computer won't accept it now?? 2)They did Not replace the cabin filter and that wasn't even requested on the paperwork. and 3)Reading further, the mechanic says two front tires are bald on inner side, need replacing + alignment. No-one mentioned this to me on the phone when I would have had a chance to actually address the issue. Seems they don't want to make money the honest way, but just add almost $50 for each part!! (this still burns me) I filled out the customer survey thing and told the story. The Service Manager at the location called me and offered nothing and seemed irritated when I said that at least we should get the oil change at the agreed price. Also, he acted like I was a liar when quoting him the dealer price for the parts. I suggested he call himself and then call me back about it. His 'only' response to me was, "bring your car back in and I'll make sure we do a good job on a new (full priced)cabin filter and get you 2 new (full priced)tires! He didn't even pretend to be empathetic. If I ran the place I would either fire him or at least send him to 'fake that the customer is right' classes! I sent a complaint to the head office customer service people and they claimed to have opened a case file. We shall see!
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Mar 23, 2004
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Slawek wrote: At least they didn't put uni directional tires on the wrong way like walmart did to me
Ah yes at least they didn't do that! Anything but that!

I mean in the last few stories, two separate incidents of leaking/ruptured brake lines, one unnecessary cooling "repair" costing $500, a car jacked up with a scissor jack which fell off destroying several parts of the car...but yeah thankfully they didn't do anything grossly like negligent install tyres the wrong way like had been done to you at Walmart! :lol:
May 8, 2014
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The most disrespectful, irresponsible, careless, unprofessional Manager I have ever dealt with. His name is Sogi he should not be on this job, for tho he does not care about the customers safety on the roads. if they fix ur car wrong they will blame another part on the car or the manager will try and blame you. So pathetic avoid going here, I repeat for your safety of ur family and children do not go here to get ur car fixed. This store is located 4630 Sheppard Ave E, Agincourt, ON, Canada
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Oct 8, 2005
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To echo many of the sentiments found here, I have also had an awful experience at the Auto Service Shop at Canadian Tire (Yonge & Steeles, Centerpoint Mall). Basically was told I could wait for a car starter installation, ended up there for 9 hours, when I got the car back, only the car starter button worked (they said the $300 job didn't include the power lock & trunk buttons) and best of all, my headlights no longer worked! Turns out they disconnected it in the process and forgot to reconnect. Efforts to get things fixed by them have been absolutely infuriating and ultimately futile. Avoid CT at all costs!
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Feb 10, 2011
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I was at crappy tire once asking one of the mechanics if he could use the tire changer to remove a snow-blower tire for me on a Sunday (was cold and I did not want to mess with it) Anywho he was doing an oil change and he poured in 5L of oil in the car....I look at the floor and saw it all run out! he forgot the drain plug. I was nice and told him, He laughed and I laughed.... True story.
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Jan 29, 2015
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Brampton, ON
I will never ever take my car to Canadian Tire again. The first and last time I took my car to CT, they charge me for a new Alternator and installed a used one that was defective. I took it back, confronted them and ask for a refund. They only refunded me the cost of New (I mean old) Alternator but would not refund the labor.
Feb 4, 2015
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Toronto, ON
I used to work at Canadian Tire. I cannot stress this enough: NEVER bring your car there for service.
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Feb 4, 2015
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York, ON
Canadian Tire relies on uneducated car owners to go there out of nothing but ignorance and laziness. As noted, their parts can often be more than genuine dealer parts. The mechanics they hire are generally new and inexperienced. From some of the stories here, it doesn't seem like they're very convenient either in terms of sticking to their agreed appointments and times.

I know a lot of drivers aren't "car people", but there are much better options. If you can't afford the dealer, find yourself an independent specialist - there are enough out there - and you'll cement a decent relationship with someone you can trust. As someone else mentioned, every brand of car has owners forums - spend half a minute on Google then 10-15 minutes skimming through the forums to see who has a good recommendation. You'll save yourself $thousands over the long run and a whole lot of grief.

FWIW, my go-to indy specialist is MotorFabrik in North York - VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche. Great guys, amazing service and trust them implicitly.
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Aug 3, 2009
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Nova Scotia
Seems that in rural areas you're more likely to get real mechanics. My boss used to exclusively take his Cadillac to a local CT because the mechanic had years of experience at a dealership in another town.

Otherwise I agree with most people here. Big box places are not a good idea. My friend's mom was hired at walmart to do oil changes and she was nearly a senior citizen with no experience whatsoever lol.
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Nov 21, 2008
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North Vancouver, BC
Friends don't let friends go to Canadian Tire for automotive service.

I have from co-workers who are immigrants that CT really tried to take advantage, and numerous times. When I found out I (strongly) suggested they go somewhere else and they're now all using a couple good small shops that have good pricing and completely back their work.
Sep 19, 2011
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This has been the worst car repair problem I have ever dealt with. To be honest I know CT is a bit overpriced but I go there because sometimes you cannot wait and most of the time the job is done right. Except for today. Went in told the tech the fault code coming up in my 2004 Murano was a p0303 cylinder 3 misfire. So she suggest sparks, cool and gasket. Go pick the car on Sunday right before close and it is worse. Soon as I start it car shakes, strong smell from exhaust. Who ever pulled it out of the bay should have know something was wrong and I should have been notified. Now they are trying to say that its my problem because I went in and requested the spark plugs be changed even though the tech suggested that. So now I have to pay fee to diagnose the problem and what ever it's going to cost to fix their mistake.
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Jun 26, 2009
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We should have a list with pictures of people taking their cars to Canadian tire. I always wonder how they look, because my dad used to say that only monkeys service their cars at CT. But maybe he was wrong. Pics please.