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[Canadian Tire] Hot - Manna 17 oz insulated bottles - $9.99

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May 27, 2007
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Wouldn't the narrow opening make it hard to clean out well and then the bottle full of bacteria? Sorry if this has been asked before.
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Jun 27, 2004
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Someone suggested to use denture tablets to clean them out. Sounds like a good idea, although I've never tried.

BTW, the finish on the London Drugs ones chip pretty easily, too. I guess they're all like that.
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May 25, 2009
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What's the benefit over plastic? Especially when you can't see inside since it's not transparent and the neck is so narrow. Which also means it's very difficult to clean. So for all you know, there could be mold on the bottom or sides on the inside, and you wouldn't even see it or even be able to touch the inside.. Does that not bother anyone else?

I wish there was a transparent metal
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Sep 17, 2007
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Da boot
I won a double insulated bottle recently, but the topper is plastic, are these real ones made of a metal?
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Mar 30, 2004
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To clean a stainless steel bottle or thermos, I start with filling it full of hot water and putting the cap on loosely. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to heat the steel. Dump about 1/4 of the water out, add a little dish soap, replace the lid and shake and shake and shake. Dump the soapy water out and rinse. Now take two tablespoons of household bleach and put it in the bottle. You don’t have to be exact and measure, just pour a little in. Fill the bottle to the top with the hottest water you can and let it sit 15 minutes, minimum. Thoroughly rinse and you’re done. This will take coffee stains out, sanitize and really clean out stainless. Don’t put the lid on for the bleach step, it will degrade the plastic.
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Dec 10, 2007
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I have one of these but the o-ring gasket broke , anyone know where to get a replacement?
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Oct 13, 2009
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Iqaluit, NU
Damn I was just at the tire this morning and didn’t see this sale

Been looking for a quality thermos to conceal my adult beverages at the park during summer
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nasa25: say you won it in a raffle. That's what I do with like 86% of my purchases
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nasa25: lmao
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Nov 11, 2004
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Going to check it out thanks for posting