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Outbound Air Bed Queen size from $62.99 to $29.99

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  • Aug 13th, 2021 2:14 pm
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Mar 1, 2009
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[Canadian Tire] Outbound Air Bed Queen size from $62.99 to $29.99

First time post.

Just came back from Canadian Tire Maple location.
Saw the Outbound Air Bed Queen size from $62.99 to $29.99.

Maybe all the Outbound brand items are on sale too.

Not sure this is a good product to recommend, but the price looks good.
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May 31, 2006
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For the ones that want to find on the website

https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/outb ... 5562p.html

Reviews are mixed.

Questions said this comes with manual pump, but still had proper area for electric pump.

I'm still going strong with the one I bought at target closing sale for my camp trips, but if anyone has this one and cares to comment might pick up a back up.
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Sep 2, 2014
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You'd better get a double high air mattress.
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Feb 16, 2008
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For the price it seems you can't go wrong! Ordered for pickup and will leave at friends place downtown for anytime I need to crash there!!
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Dec 8, 2010
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I picked this up last time it was on sale. Haven't used it yet, only inflated it at home to make sure it was fine.

It has a manual built-in pump, which you are better off using just to top it up. Unless you have some free time to kill.
It has a separate hole where you can use your normal/electric pumps.

There is a built in pillow also, the top part inflates higher, which might mean one less thing to bring for camping, or you still use your own pillows and and sleep a few inches down from the top (and let your feet hang off if you are tall)

For $30 it felt good enough. Dunno about longevity. I'd say the top pillow part might be a deal breaker for some.
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Jun 14, 2009
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I've had mine for 3 years, no issues so far.
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Nov 21, 2016
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in general, Outbound is a decent brand, considering its price
All as well
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Jun 19, 2006
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Bought one a month ago on same price. Manually pumped, left in a room floor works well if I top up every week. For the price it is good enough for moderate use.

I think one of the reasons for mixed review might be to on camp field, you need make sure no sharp/hard rocks etc. where you step on to manual pump, it may take lot of "kicks" to fill first time but you need avoid unnecessary "tear-and-wear" (may result into leak) unless you use a auto pump in the other port people mentioned.

By the way, it is almost impossible to fill if one wants to blow (no pun intended) without using any sort of pumps.
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Mar 27, 2012
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reviews are pretty bad
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