Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance...Oakville..Horrible

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  • Oct 23rd, 2016 10:02 am
Oct 20, 2016
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Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance...Oakville..Horrible

caanadian tire roadside assistance in Oakville, Ontario contracts out to A-1 Phil's Towing Inc
from my experience, they have and are to this week horrible horrible horrible.
used the assistance in 18 months on two cars 3 times,starter,clutch, serpentine belt
operators range from pleasant to snarky.
call Canadian tire roadside and they take your bona fides and dispatch a tow truck to arrive within an hour.phil's towing Oakville
1, truck never arrived at 1 hour called, dispatch said they would be there shortly 1.5 show,spoke with tow truck driver and he said i'd have to wait another 1/2 hour if I was lucky.bad temperament. truck did arrive, operator was belligerent.
2.arrangment was made to have phil's towing to have the car towed, an hour had already passed, figuring first experience was just a fluke, nope, no showed..luckily car hobbled home about 1km away.called roadside assistance and that they should contract with someone else.they said thanks as they appreciate customer fee back.
3.a year later, a broken serpentine belt.roadside assistance says, phil's towing would arrive within the hour.well, after1.5+ hours I called dispatch for 2nd time and oh, he's on his way, no show called cab and cancelled tow,phil's shows up and says since I cancelled the tow he was going to leave, no sorry i'm so late, let me call dispatch and get this sorted out, ,nope he was going to leave me there.

maybe me,just got bad service, maybe not, as their online ads you cannot leave negative feedback

this is a1 phil's towing, Oakville Ontario the towing provider for Canadian tire roadside assistance here