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Canadian Tire Scraps Eco Fees

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  • Jul 20th, 2010 3:47 pm
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Jun 19, 2001
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Frankie3s wrote: Some very good points and I believe the CT one is correct, they only killed it because they couldn't implement it properly. Why would they care if you had to take one up the bum since the other retailers would be doing this to you as well?

What I don't agree is to have this eco-fee/tax at all hidden or displayed otherwise. It's no secret that the stewardship agency is run by lieberal-friendly people and that money will probably all go toward paying salaries, benefits and pensions before it will ever go to the environment. However, the eco-fee is not dead merely postponed as it is being "retooled." If the lieberals get back in the next provincial election, we will be seeing this fee again.
we'll be seeing it again in the fall. Or not seeing it, but it will be there. They'll require the stores to hide it, and make a few adjustments to the rates that dont make sense, maybe exempt the "green" soaps etc. But it will be the same thing.

Nothing at all is changing with stewardship ON with this announcement other then their operational cost will come out of general tax revenues for thenext 3 months until they can put the cost back on to those products.


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