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Cancelling a National Home Services Water Heater Contract with Reliance

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  • Dec 6th, 2021 10:58 am
Dec 5, 2021
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Cancelling a National Home Services Water Heater Contract with Reliance

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to cancel a water heater contract with Reliance. It is originally a National Home Services contract (that the old homeowners apparently had signed). The tank was installed in 2009 (currently leaking - that's why I'm trying to install a new Lowes tank).

Here's a timeline of what I've done so far:

1. First called Reliance asking about what the contract was like. They said it was installed in 2009 on a 5 year term.

2. inquiring about exit fees.
- drain, disconnect and pickup fee $450 + tax.
- just pickup $450 + tax
- drop off $400 ...?
- buyout $711.80

3. Asked them to send me a copy of the contract. They said okay. Then I asked them if they can see a copy of it right now on there screen? They said no. (So I waited a couple days for the contract to arrive in the mail).

4. Copy of the contract finally arrives. Is it normal for the Homeowner information - NAME, LAST NAME, RESIDENTIAL PHONE NUMBER to be blocked off? I can only see my address, date of installation, the field representative number. Homeowner signature is blocked off aswell. (I guess I'm wondering it it could be fake, because I can't verify the homeowners name?) - The contract confirms that " ... if you choose to terminate this agreement, National requires you to pay a termination fee which will include: (i). our account closure charge ($250), plus (ii). if we remove the Equipment, our disconnect charge ($200) or, if the Equipment is disconnnected, removed and returned by your own qualified contractor, our return charge ($150)

So, wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation. Any comments or advice? I really don't want to pay $450+tax just to get them to come and pick up a 12 year old (leaking) tank.

I've seen on a RELIANCE document that for customers over 10 years, there is a 0$ cancellation fee. / at most $125 for disconnect, 65$ for pickup, drop off free. / 0$ if the water tank is over 10 years old. But I'm not sure if it applies to a national home services contract.

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