Car allowance...what would you get

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Apr 22, 2013
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The new 2017 A4 and MB C300 are both nice cars if you like luxury. BMW 3 series is sportier on the other hand.
Nov 2, 2015
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Unless you want to Finance for 72-84 months your payments are starting at $820-990/month which is not bad. You could also go for the leasing route and save on tax and either buy out by financing the remaining of the residual or trade in for another one, which by then you might want an even better upgrade. But we have a Maserati dealership as well but have not heard the greatest things so far, our BMW store gets a lot of unhappy customers but to each their own. If you want something that is manageable and is an impressive car check out this ... 0-%20.html

or you can get a 428i Xdrive gran coupe w/premium package nav, backup camera/sensors etc.. that fits 6 people VERY comfortably with lots of trunk space and drives great plus no charge 4yr/80,000 km maintenance, and for feb 3 months no payment. I'm in love with this one because this my company demo, I've driven the there ones such as 3 series and the Suv etc but by far best looking, feeling, driving is this one. and you can get for under $700-$769/monthly
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