Car Battery or Alternator

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Dec 23, 2003
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craftsman wrote: Remember that's a 1999 Corolla so it won't take much power to start the engine especially with today's batteries which are generally monsters compared to what was available 20+ years ago.
Good point. 1999 Corolla... wow. that means my 2012 Camry still has some life left in it :)
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Jan 27, 2006
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hightech wrote: Good point. 1999 Corolla... wow. that means my 2012 Camry still has some life left in it :)
Just a few short decades...
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Aug 30, 2020
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Good for OP for diagnosing. Cringe at everyone jumping to replacing the battery because its "only $120 might as well." You all should go work for CT.
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May 9, 2003
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CDNPatriot wrote: Update and Resolution (hope it stays this way)

Just wanted to provide an update as this may be helpful to anyone that finds themselves with my situation in the future. I went with a battery charger. My rationale is that I may need it again the future as the vehicle maybe off the road for a couple of more months and the battery charger I purchased had a maintenance feature.

I charged the battery it was at 0% several hours later it was 100%. I let it rest for the night as the battery was really hot (as was the charger). I reinstalled the battery into the vehicle this morning and it started without any issues/warning lights. I was able to drive off with it and spent 3 hours driving around and doing errands with it (turning it on and off a few times).

For those that experience this the other option is to buy another battery as others suggested. But was concerned that I would find myself in the same situation as I don't think even if I were to start the vehicle weekly it would not be enough to maintain the charge. I already used up my once a year free 48 hour insurance coverage without any premiums charged so the next time I call in for temporary coverage to drive the car and have the alternator charge up the battery would come at a cost. Not sure what the cost to drive it for a day is but from a monetary perspective with the information I had was a toss up between buying a battery or a charger.

Will see if this battery holds up in the short term and for another year or two that these batteries have lasted me in the past.
Whereabouts are you located?

If you are close, you can use my battery testers...
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Oct 26, 2003
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You can test both the battery and the alternator with a multimeter, that should be enough to figure out which one to replace by checking the voltage levels. Failing that, get a battery load tester from princess auto or somewhere, it is pretty cheap.
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