Car sharing options in Toronto

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Jan 19, 2011
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Car sharing options in Toronto

There are basically 3 options:
  1. Zipcar
  2. AutoShare
  3. Car2Go
Car2Go is really for downtown trips and most useful for 1 way trip.

For any other uses Zipcar and AutoShare are pretty similar.

Here is a comparative (This site is sponsored by AutoShare, use with caution!!!)

Zipcar offer some good deals
TTC deal: ... ip_car.jsp

Any other recommendations?
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My friend in Vancouver uses Car2GO most of the time. When I was with him I found the system to be very convenient. He reserves a car near him and then when collecting it he scans his ID, checks the car for interior/exterior condition and goes! You can leave it in any PERMIT parking spot (in Vancouver most streets have permit only parking which is where you can drop the car) or any Car2Go drop-off spaces (usually at rail stations, major landmarks, areas, etc). The advantage to it is that you can rent the car by the minute and drop it almost anywhere near your destination. When you need to go elsewhere, you can take transit/cab (if you're drinking) or locate another car near you and take it. The only downside is the Car2Go vehicles are all smartcars but again, it's by-the-minute so you're probably only going on short, city trips. A huge plus I found was all of the Car2Go vehicles have their own proprietary in-dash system that functions as a radio, GPS, and account info terminal. Also, if the tank is below 1/4 and you fill it up (every car has a gas card) you get 20 free minutes on your account. CarShare and ZipCar offers more variety of vehicles.

If you drive dangerously I hope you get caught and lose your license/car/dignity! :twisted: :twisted:


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