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Sep 1, 2005
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DaVibe wrote: Yeah but unlike other car services in Toronto that have to be returned to the exact same reserved spot, Car2Go allows you to drop it off after 1 way of travel.

THAT is the huge perk with them.
Sometimes it's a few bucks for my trips.
Don't get me wrong I fully understand that the one way service is great as I used this and Evo a lot in Vancouver on vacation .... Only commenting on difficulty figuring out where to park vehicles without fear of incurring a ticket.
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Oct 24, 2015
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Toronto, ON
signed up ! free membership why not? is it a lifetime membership?
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Nov 25, 2003
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I didn't know that this even is "a deal"??? I think it's like this for quite some time??? At least was since this spring [or even last summer] - same code, same $5 waved, same 30 minutes...??
Phils wrote: So if you register and then never use it, are there any fees at all?
Other than the initial one-time registration fee ($5 plus tax), you only pay for the time you use the service plus any special access fees (e.g. airport parking, etc.). Our by the minute rate is $.41 cents a minute plus tax.

Trip Fees & Surcharges:

Trips originating in Vancouver lasting longer than eight hours are subject to a $1.50 PVRT per day.
Driver Protection Fee: $1 per trip (up to the first 90 trips)
Members in British Columbia are required to pay a $2 annual fee.

For the most part, trips will start and end smoothly for yourself and the next passenger, however, there are some costs occasioned by improper use. These fees are designed to keep the service running smoothly for everyone in the community. This way, everybody benefits in the end.

Lost Key: $400 plus taxes
Lost In-Car Documents: $20.00 plus taxes
Membership Card: $25.00 plus taxes
Lost Fuel Card: $25.00 plus taxes
Declined Credit Card Payment: $25.00 plus taxes (Processing fee plus actual amount owed)
Excessive Cleaning Required: $50.00 plus taxes (Cleaning beyond normal scope: stains, smoke, pet hair, etc. (additional expense))
Smoking: $50.00 plus taxes (No smoking materials of any kind, including electronic cigarettes)
Unsecured Pet Violation: $50.00 plus taxes (Pets are allowed in vehicles only when in approved carriers)
Unauthorized Parking: $100.00 plus taxes (car2go parked in unauthorized area, requiring car2go handling of the vehicle)
Towing: $150.00 plus taxes and actual towing charges (Processing fee plus actual costs of tow, storage and/or citation)
Processing for Tickets / Violations: $25.00 plus taxes and actual ticket charges (Processing fee plus actual ticket amount owed)
Processing Pay by Mail Toll: $5.00 plus taxes and actual toll charges (Processing fee plus actual amount owed)
Unlocked / Unsecured car: $100.00 plus taxes (Car left unlocked, windows down, tailgate open, etc.)
Drained Battery: $100.00 plus taxes (Car lights left on/door ajar/end rental error, etc)

Damages to car2go: Up to $1000 (Member is responsible for damage to car2go up to deductible)

Driver Protection Fee: $1.00 plus taxes (Beginning June 1, 2015, each member’s deductible will be lowered from the rate of $1,000 to $250. And, starting June 1, 2015, any member who takes 91 or more trips by the end of 2015 will have their deductible lowered to $0. At the beginning of 2016, the trip count will reset to 0 and the deductible will go back to $250. The member will then have the entire calendar year to reach 91+ trips to qualify for a $0 deductible.)

Parking rules: It's pretty simple: as long as you end your trip in public, on-street parking, you're good to leave the car and go. [Vancouver]
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Aug 22, 2006
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gr8dlr wrote:
Can you park at meters? or do you mean side streets with permits. I found it much easier to discipher where to park in Vancouver but I'm scared to try it in Toronto because it can cost $50 or more for a parking ticket.
Technically you can't park at a meter in Vancouver without paying.
I do it all the time though and just pay for it. Sure it costs some money, but most times the car is gone before I come back.
Even if it hasn't gone it's not like I can't just rerent it and take it back to my origination.
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