Career advice for working as a Banking Advisor at RBC

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Jul 13, 2021
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Career advice for working as a Banking Advisor at RBC

I graduated from university(UBC) a few months ago with a Bachelor in Management(finance) and minor in economics. Given my degree, what sorts of career paths are lucrative in Canada? I recently got an offer to work as a Banking Advisor for RBC and I have accepted the offer this week. I know it’s not the best job but it’s been tough getting a job for recent grads like myself rn cuz of the economy. I’ve applied to over 100 different jobs and I just got this 1 offer. Has anyone worked for rbc before as banking advisor? What was your experience like, any advice and tips? Do you think BA is a good starting point? I would really appreciate your thoughts on this and thanks in advance. :)
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OP, congrats on landing a job. Focus on doing it well and having a good attitude. Give it a year before you start signalling you want to do something else. You’re young and you’re new - the goal is to get them to like you so they can support your development and growth. You do that by being competent (good at your job) and likeable (not a dick, entitled, and having a good attitude).

Now this question has been asked a lot on these forums. A lot. Spend some time searching and reading. There’s a lot of excellent info on here - you’ll have to put in the work to find it. Then you’ll be able to ask better questions, and get better answers.
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