Career Quality Software Testing or SAP side

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Apr 8, 2019
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Career Quality Software Testing or SAP side

Hello everyone,

I have 4 years of experience in manual software testing but current doing admin type job...planning to move back to software testing or SAP side. I have Master Degree in Computer Applications.

since I am been out of my field for few years do not what exactly currently market looks like...

can anyone share their experience from each field and what should I be upgrading my self to get into market?

thanks in advance
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Jun 27, 2006
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I would look into automated testing. There is always a need to conduct testing but that often gets minimized. As a non tester, I saw the setup process in a demo of a proposed solution that we were looking at internally and it was quite involved. A lot of work up front to set it up but massive benefits when in place especially with regression testing. Some programming knowledge makes it easier apparently.

Take a look at this: ... utorial-1/

Selenium and Katalon were the platforms we were considering.

This knowledge would be applicable for all environments including SAP.