Career in IT, Teaching (PE) or Practical Nursing?

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Apr 3, 2020
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Career in IT, Teaching (PE) or Practical Nursing?

Hey, I'm 33 years old and I became an immigrant 4 years ago after being in Canada for 9 years. I came here as a caregiver. I have a BSc Comp Scie degree back home but since I left the country at 24, I didn't have a lot of work experience in that field. Only a year of work experience as an entry level software engineer. I mostly did tech support then QA in a call centre because it surprisingly paid more back home.

I'm currently studying Kinesiology at York but I took a break for a year to focus on working. I'm not entirely a science person so I find some Kine courses extremely hard. I wanted to do Kine as a preparation for teachers' college and make Phys Ed one of my teachables.

Why I'm doing another undergraduate degree in my 30s to apply for teachers' college is another story. I did my WES evaluation a few years ago and my 4-year degree back home is only a diploma program here in Canada. University graduates back home only have 14 years of education in total from Grade 1 onwards, versus Canadians who usually have 16 years after obtaining a degree. (However, I recently checked again and it looks like a 4-year degree from my country is now equal to a 3-year degree here.)

I'm completely at a loss now. I want to work in a public school. I'm Catholic so I don't know if that gives me more opportunities since I can work in a Catholic school board? However, I might be too old by the time I finish teachers' college. Won't that affect my chances of employment since the job market for teachers is pretty saturated? On the bright side, I'll have summers off. I'm currently pregnant with my first child and to me, a teaching job would be a dream come true cause I can spend more time with my child. I don't mind working in a daycare if it really comes down to it too. I'm also wondering if working in a private school is as hard as getting into a public school?

On another note, I don't have the same energy and motivation to be in school anymore, so if teachers' college doesn't happen, I plan on just finishing my Kine degree. But I feel like wasting my time studying Kinesiology because there's not a lot of job prospects in the field. I was thinking of doing additional study to work in health and safety or last resort, as a PTA. What's the job outlook like in those fields?

Right now, the only thing that's motivating me is the belief that if I acquire a 4-year Canadian degree versus not having any at all, that I'll be equipped to take on better jobs than what's available to me at present.

I've considered other careers like Practical Nursing but doing shift work is not for me. Also, I want to have more time with my growing family.

There's another side of me exploring the possibility of taking additional courses in Computer Science and going back in IT. But this field is sooo broad and barely any entry level jobs. Most jobs require a local degree and work experience, which is like a paradox to me.

Any input will be appreciated. Thanks!
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You should maybe modify the title as your main objective is to become a PE teacher and not a kinesiologist, i think it may attract more people who'd be competent to help