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Careful with home internet plans

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Feb 14, 2019
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Careful with home internet plans

Recently I met a sales executive who is offering Rogers home services and home internet and his pricing is cheaper than what Rogers offering in store. In order to get a service through him I have to disclose my drivers licence and social insurance (SIN) number. I came to know he works for some third party company who is authorized to sell in Ontario but I don’t find anything about them online. No website or any adress of their office.
How can I disclose my personal information without me knowing they are legitimate?

Later on I found people selling same Rogers on whatsapp, Kijiji also asking me to give them my personal information which is really not fair

Why special pricing when there are real legitimate Rogers stores?
Who is that third party agents
Why to give them my personal information?
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Beware of rogers home internet by third party agents
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Feb 9, 2012
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Always deal only with 1-888-Rogers-1 or a number that a Rogers in store rep gives you.
Outside of that advice, hey?

Oh and HEY...Since Rogers is going to get to you ANYWAY... Winking Face
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Here's the scam and don't worry you will get your Roger's Internet (at this point):

1 - Using your information they will arrange with Roger's to install the service at your residence in your name.
2 - You will get your first month of service.
3 - You will be required to pay this third party.
4 - After you have your service all your payments will go to this guy, but guess what? After the initial payment they make to Roger's to get the service all the other payments you make will go straight to their pocket and it will be a month or two before Roger's themselves are calling you for payments and will cut you off.
5 - The big bonus to them is that they will have both your Operator's Licence number and your S.I.N.
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Feb 9, 2012
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Donttrust wrote: I came to know that Vector Marketing is the company who is collecting personal information

Who is this Vector Marketing?
Any adress or contact number?
Does Rogers authorized to collect personal information?
I get third party calls "speaking on behalf of Rogers" all the time.
I just say no to them because they never have offers that reduce my bill.
Always something to help jack it up "because it is better than what you have now..."
Right. Sure. Thanks but no thanks! I'm trying to bring my bill down, not up!
I can only guess these calls are coming from Vector.
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Nov 10, 2018
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Going through the Kijiji route I received 500u for $24.99 last year. I made sure to not give them ANY information except my credit card number, of which I gave him a prepaid # with $1 balance.

NO OTHER PERSONAL info went to him other than my name, and installation address.
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Nov 13, 2010
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How about teksavvy or start or ebox instead of robellus?