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Mar 7, 2020
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Carfax question

Hi I have a carfax report of a vehicle that I would like to check, but there is some service history on this that doesnt make any sense.
Sept 17. serviced in Newfoundland, Sept 19 serviced in British Columbia
How could this be?
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Oct 26, 2008
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My guess would be that they got the date wrong on the Newfoundland service.

Mistakes happen - just like this post is in the wrong part of the Automotive Forum.

If it had been Aug. 17 then that would also explain why the car needed to be serviced at two locations within S. Ont. within the same month.
That is, serviced early in Aug. in Welland prior to drive to Newfoundland, serviced in Newfoundland (maybe to correct a engine fault code), then serviced again in Cambridge prior to drive back to Vancouver.

If you know the current kms. reading that would help clinch it.
Too bad the other dealerships didn't record the kms. reading.

(If I was going to visit Newfoundland I'd try to be there in August rather than September weatherwise.)


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