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Carrot Rewards App Celebrates Million-User Milestone by Launching Carrot Plus

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  • Dec 3rd, 2018 10:59 am
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Nov 28, 2013
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As long as you're meeting your step goals, it seems like you can still come out ahead every month.
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Jul 29, 2005
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So you're a first time poster promoting the new carrot subscription?
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Feb 7, 2017
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Not a fan
As a Points Hound, I am after FREE Rewards
Membership just not worth it to me
I use my Carrot Membership to top up other Loyalty Programs thru Program Partner Linkages
If I am going to pay for Carrot @ $ 20 to $ 60 per year
Then, I may as well just make some sort of purchase elsewhere that qualifies to keep my Partner Programs active
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Oct 22, 2016
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Agree with previous post, and I dislike seeing my tax money been spent on these items. Gov’t spent 7.5 mill to get it running.
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Nov 28, 2013
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Somebody did the math on Facebook, and calculated that you can earn about 4000 Scene points a month on the 10x plan if you're meeting your step goals and doing challenges with friends. At $60 for the year, that's a pretty hefty annual profit. *If* you're active enough to meet your step goals regularly (and have friends that do the same), that is.

Though they just announced that they're not going to be giving out points just for meeting your daily step goal any more, on the free plan. Only for quizzes or step challenges with friends. RIP, Carrot's user base.
User452441 wrote: Agree with previous post, and I dislike seeing my tax money been spent on these items. Gov’t spent 7.5 mill to get it running.
At least this was a program intended to incentivize people to be more active. That provides a net positive to Ontario taxpayers. Doug Ford spent $106,000 on those "open for business" signs. I think I'd rather see my tax money spent on grants for healthcare startups, personally.
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Jan 7, 2002
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There's already a lengthy thread on Carrot: Carrot Rewards App for free SCENE/Aeroplan/Petro-Points/More Rewards [BC/ON/NFLD only]

N.B, today's news about a major curtailment in Carrot's rewards in Ontario. Thank you Doug Trump--NOT!
Since launching Carrot Rewards in Ontario in 2017, we’ve grown our Carrot community across Canada to over a million! It has already been an amazing journey and we owe a very special thank-you to our government partners for helping us plant our feet and reward you, daily, for walking more. In fact, with the help of our government partners in Ontario, we have increased physical activity among our members in this province by over 20%. And that is an achievement we’re very proud of!

As this phase of support from our government partners in Ontario has come to an end, starting this Saturday (December 8), you will not be earning miles for meeting your Daily Step Goal – for now. We are hoping to find new ways to fund and restart your daily steps rewards. In the meantime, you will continue to earn miles for all the other good things that Carrot does for you every day (including your Step Together Challenges).

What’s staying the same:
• Earning miles for completing Step Together Challenges
• Earning miles for completing quizzes
• Earning miles for inviting friends to Carrot
• Full access to blog posts
• Full access to leaderboard
• Personalized Daily Step Goal to help motivate you and track your Streaks

What’s changing on December 8:
• You’ll no longer earn points for meeting your Daily Step Goal...

In the meantime, there’s always Carrot Plus — if you upgrade, you can continue to earn miles every day for hitting your Daily Step Goal, even faster than before.
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