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Mar 14, 2011
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operationca wrote: we purchased a vehicle from premium wholesale in new market. They are very pushy about selling their vehicles. I would not recommend that place; if you insist on buying from there, please see some lessons learned:
1. Ask for carfax report before putting any deposits. They will say, “it’s all clean, we will print one when you come to pick up”. Do not believe them.
2. Do check the car inside and out. The minute details are important. They will not help you once you put the deposit down. This is your only time. Please also check that the tires are new. Any dents, leather finishing you require, please ask before putting the deposit.
3. They will say come during day time to pick-up the car on wednesday (for instance). You show up and 2pm; no one will be there to attend you. You will wait till 7 (no seating at the dealership), watch the family members coming/going, and then someone will bring up your car. At this point, you are so tired that you don’t even want to check the car properly. You would drive off without looking hard (it’s already dark out) and then you are stuck with whatever modifications they did not make as per your request.
4. “0” for customer service. Only the owner does all the dealings (shen), everyone else there is pretty much useless.
5. Please write to me in private and i’d be happy to discuss further. I strongly urge you to consider other options before going to premium wholesale cars ltd in new market. Sometimes, a couple of grands you save is just not worth having a bad taste, poor (insulting) customer service. They will treat you like you are doing a favor to them by buying an expensive car from them.

very true
May 4, 2012
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They buy cars from the US from auctions very cheap: they may have had problems or accidents or are called 'lemons' (meaning the dealer could not fix the issue). Even if they tell you that the airbag has not been deployed, you may not want to buy that car.
This is why they are able to sell cars way cheaper.
Their ads are different from their inventory; this is just to get in the dealership.
Once you are there, they will sell you a car, another car, you can bet on it, as they are very persuasive. They have an answer for all of your questions, even the ones that you don't have.
You will save a little bit now and you will lose it later. Why? American cars depreciate much more, and some car factory warranties are void when they cross the border (they may give you an aftermarket warranty). You will need to change your dashboard if you do not mind looking at miles (km/h in small print).
Once they have sold you a car, you are worth nothing; they will barely take your phone calls and when you show up at the dealership it is not going to be a warm welcome.
This is from someone who bought a car there and learned a lesson the hard way by loosing thousand of dollars; I hope this helps you.
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Feb 19, 2012
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When used car dealers go on forums/social media to do the whole one-post-wonder smear campaign it only gives the entire industry a worse name than they already have. :)
Jun 6, 2008
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SoroSuub1 wrote: So why does every single "review" come with a poster with less than 40 posts, and the majority of them at 1 or 2 posts?
If half of the posts are true that is too many ...anyway sometimes people are motivated to post when either highly satisfied or highly dissatisfied, mostly the latter. There is a chance they are all true. At least some must be, odds are. ( where are all the PRO Premium posts?). I posted here a week or so ago (started a new thread- missed this one) on this topic. Found it now.
I am in the market for a 1 or 2 yr old Lexus RX 350 but I think I will go elsewhere. It would really burn me if I bought there and had a bad experience, or bought a lemon. Not worth the risk.
Sep 26, 2012
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I was in the market to purchase used mini van. We have a baby on the way and the wife said the Vette has got to go. We looked on Autotrader and found a Honda Odyessy for a price that was to good to be true with low mileage. The only review of the place I could find online was here. So I went to visit them with my radar up and spidey senses telling me not to go. I made the trek all the way up there from Scarborough to look at the car. I dealt with the a salesman named James. He was only interested in upselling me it seemed. Told me the other car wasnt availlable yet and other excuses. I left and came back the next day. I got a new salesman - his name was Kevin. He listened to what I wanted and brought me to the car that before wasnt availlable lol. I looked at the car inside and out and it seemed to be ok and what we needed (although the ad said nav unit, but it was a different Odyessy that had one) We took it for a test ride and it drove great. They ended up giving me a good deal (beccause of the nav unit lol) . After I got the car home, the next day the battery appeared to be dead. I got it boosted and brought it back the following day (two days after purchase). Kevin was working and I told him of the problem. He replaced the battery for me right away and without hassle. They also gave me a $20 gift certificate at Moxy's to go eat lunch while I waited for it to come in. So overall my experience was good. As a first time poster to Red Flag I was pleased to find this site as a good resource. I guess like everything some people have bad experiences and have some have good. I have had the car one week so far - so good, and I will post back in 3 months and give a little update. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Sep 30, 2010
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Menthol wrote: Ok Sirarash.
Funny, I just did a search for Premium Auto Wholesale because I'm looking to get a new car and found this old post. I am not in any way related to Cars R Us, just happened to be one of the few people that had a positive experience.

Like I said before, go in educated and you reduce your risk. If you don't feel right, walk away. However, if the price is good and you've done a pre purchase inspection at Audi like I did, you may find a deal.

Buyer beware. Like someone said before, there are no free lunches. Lol
Sep 30, 2010
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poedua wrote: How many KM on that 2006 A4 ?

What was the final price you negotiated - before taxes etc.
To be honest, I forget. I think the car had 90k and I paid about $16k for it. It was rare - 6spd Avant. Really cool car, especially when chipped with APR software.
May 24, 2007
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I was under the impression they MUST state the cars are from US as per OMVIC 2012 update: I went thru some of the cars and it doesnt state that, but you can tell from cluster its previous US car!

Consumer Rights

Ontario consumers who buy from registered dealers do have protection. The Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA) indicates dealers must make specific disclosures including if the vehicle:

has been branded
sustained collision or incident damage in excess of $3000
was registered in another jurisdiction (province or state), and if so, where
was immersed in a liquid (that penetrated at least to interior floorboards) ... 12-11.html
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Nov 19, 2007
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I am coming here to let everyone know that I would not consider premium auto place. They are rude and they will not say the truth...

I just spoke with.. I think he called himself danny. I asked about the condition of the car and he was rude and impolite... I asked him if he wanted to sell a car then he better improve his attitude. He said that I was rude and I ended up hanging up...

How am I gonna deal with those people after I buy car if there is a major issue if they are rude before I even buy a car!!

Anyways. Just my experience.

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Aug 24, 2006
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: (

Was googling this company and ended up here. I was on the lookout for a 2011 ML350 which these guys seem to have lots of.
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Oct 13, 2009
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Iqaluit, NU

Don't bother looking there. Save yourself the headache. Use others bad experiences as a lesson.
Sep 2, 2014
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Toronto, ON
gbaygal wrote: CROOKS...If you're looking for a terrible car buying experience check out these criminals!
You're sure to get lied to aprx. a dozen times, and drive away with nothing but a "tailight" warranty...Assuming the tail lights work, mine didnt!

Buying a vehicle from these clowns was probably the stupidest decision of my adult life! :o

Definitely AVOID these guys like the Plague. They are perpetual liars. After catching them in endless lies, it's hard to believe anything they say. They must think people are stupid. Yes their cars come from US and carfax means NOTHING unless the ISSUE/ACCIDENT etc was reported.

The old addage applies, if it's true good to be true, then it is!


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