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Apr 22, 2021
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Catering business

How do you properly launch a business during Covid ?
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Jul 31, 2017
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It's a pretty vague question, fundamentally the same way you would have done it pre-Covid but typically with additional costs and requirements.
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Sep 1, 2005
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Depends on how big an operation you're launching.

Lots just start posting on Instagram and social media [get the Bloggers to try you out) and get BlogTO to promote and it's launched judging by the many ppl who have recently started up business from home.

Unbelievable IMO how these home based businesses can charge so much for stuff compared to ppl who run real businesses who can't get those prices.

Just a day ago, I saw this

https://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2021/0 ... -business/
We're all bozos on the bus until we find a way to express ourselves...

Failure is always an option...just not the preferred one!


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