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Jan 27, 2016
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I have been asked many times to join this investment site, now how the heck does it work?

Someone want to explain it to me? One of the guys in my private group is going to start posting picks and DD reports on there.

thanks guys and gals
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Feb 20, 2011
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downtown TO
its basically a free forum when u can talk about stocks and add your stocks to groups where u talk or mostly pump about how good they going :)
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Oct 14, 2015
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Sign up is free and easy, but can't post there unless you pay the big bucks.
Best feature they have is the SEDI insider reports.
Lots of ash poles live there; I mostly avoid the forums.
Please do not take action on anything I mention on RFD.
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Apr 21, 2004
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I signed up early last year but I didn't pay for the pro subscription. It was a breeze and I did learn about a lot of junior miners but of course, missed scooping NXE shares at 20-30 cents in 2016. There are some helpful geologists that used to frequent that site. I think they have toughened the sign up process because an acquaintance hasn't been given the approval but maybe he just isn't asking the mod convincingly enough.

Depends on the channel whether you find pumps and dumps (usually crap companies of course) or actual legit talks, mostly of resource plays or earlier discoveries like Tinka Resources TK.

What's nice is to to be easily able to track user comments (maybe like Twitter because I don't Tweet) and these comments are crystallized after a few minutes so easy to tell who are pumpers, who are traders, who are longer-term players.

Mainly for those interested in resource companies. The cryptocurrency stocks are overhyped there.
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