CHALLENGE to get through University of Toronto St.G Undergrad Years without Housing, basically backpacking /campus hobo

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Jan 12, 2010
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CHALLENGE to get through University of Toronto St.G Undergrad Years without Housing, basically backpacking /campus hobo

Ok, recently saw tuition for engineering at UofT is ~16k a year now for domestic students, rental prices have also gone sky high downtown toronto, how will this generation of students afford it...

I was a miserable commuter (3-4 hr total each day) when I went to UofT st. George, here is the challenge, assume your parents home is somewhere in the GTA, so you can go sleep on a bed on the weekend, so you are only a hobo Monday - Friday

How difficult would it be to skip the commute and basically rough it out Mon-Fri / camp on campus. Assuming you are in an Engineering undergrad program that loads you with 5 days of classes/tutorials/labs/etc, so you are forced to go to campus 5 days a week.

I'm sure lots of students here have pulled all-nighters and slept at school, I did it too, it was miserable first few times, but then kind of got comfortable and realized its possible to rough it out.
First few times, slept clutching my bag of personal trinkets until the morning trickle of students came in, later on just relaxed and passed out and got 5+ hrs of sleep, could have woken up naked with a kidney missing.

Lets discuss peoples strategies for being a Mon-Fri Campus Hobo.
For example: renting lockers (to store clothes/sleeping bag, where to sleep in various comfortable Bahen computer labs, avoiding noisy areas, maintaining hygiene at HART house gym showers, downtown Chinatown laundromats etc.

Which buildings would you choose to camp, which corners, which bathrooms have the best ambience etc...
How would you make a rotation to avoid suspicion from Building Security
What would you do for food, assuming all the money saved from Rent ~1000 bucks a month can give you pretty decent meal options.

Whoever is able to successfully implement this and video-doc their Campus Hobo exploits can potentially get the following.
+ Viral YouTube channel - Campus Hobo 1M + subscribers
+ Startup Idea = Campus Hobo - the APP, leveraging social media to helping students connect with each other, take advantage of the hobo lifestyle, it not just a rent saver, but a way of life. Potential Billion Dollar company + disrupt the real estate industry and University Industry.
+ Book idea = The Wealthy Hobo
Until the Universities and real estate special interest groups catch on and crack down on the campus hobo lifestyle.
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Apr 26, 2019
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Personally, I tried doing this just for a few hours a day (had early morning and evening classes with 4-5 hours in between) and I couldn't take it. Swapped courses to only have morning classes and lived a much more peaceful life.

Just get yourself a gf/bf that stays near campus. :twisted: