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[Chapters Indigo] Free shipping on all books (all summer long) for Plum members

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[Chapters Indigo] Free shipping on all books (all summer long) for Plum members


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Does this Free Shipping offer apply to all books?
Yes, Free Shipping applies to all books, including audio books that we sell at Indigo. However, some books are not eligible to be Shipped to Store, due to size requirements. Those limitations will be noted on the product page for those items.

Does my book need to be currently in stock, to qualify for the Free Shipping?
No, free shipping applies to all books whether they are in stock, on backorder or pre-order.

Why do I have to get your rewards program? I have enough cards in my wallet.
Plum® Rewards is free to join, and you aren’t required to carry the card. When you join online, we assign your rewards information directly to your account, so there’s nothing for you to keep track of. All your points accrue automatically when you make purchases, plus of course now you’ll get to take advantage of Free Shipping anytime you make a purchase that includes at least one book.

I’m a Rewards member and I have placed a book in my cart to order, but I notice I am still being charged for shipping. Why?
Our Free Shipping offer still has some terms and conditions: If your purchase includes any oversized or especially heavy items, we aren’t able to offer Free Shipping for those. You’ll see individual item eligibility on every product page while you shop with us. As well, due to excessive costs some very remote areas of Canada are not eligible to receive the Free Shipping offer. These terms have not changed and will continue to be communicated as part of our Free Shipping Terms & Conditions

Why do I have to be a member to get good customer service?
Even though the Plum® Rewards program is free to join we can certainly understand that it may not be for everyone. That said, regardless of whether you are a member, you’ll still get great service from Indigo: with Free Shipping to any store with no minimum purchase, and Free Shipping to your home with only a $25 minimum spending amount – very much in line with the offerings of other similar online retailers. The Plum® Rewards program allows you to earn points for your purchases at Indigo, along with other Members-only events and activities throughout the year.

On purchases without books, do I have to spend $25 to get free shipping?
Yes, but as always you do have the option to ship your items for pickup at any of our store locations, for free, with no minimum spend.

Are there any books that are not eligible for Free Shipping?
All physical and audio books purchased from Indigo are eligible for our Free Shipping to your home.

*Valid from July 4, 2018 - August 31, 2018 at indigo.ca with a purchase of any book, using a valid Plum rewards membership. Excludes heavy/oversized product or shipments to remote areas as described at indigo.ca/freeshipping.
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Would have been helpful to put the "Available for Plum Rewards Members only" part on the banner.
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