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Chatr v Public v Freedom

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Mar 27, 2019
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Chatr v Public v Freedom

Hi everyone.

I have been with Chatr for two years and currently receive 6GB of 3G data with unlimited calling and text for 50 CAD a month. I'm wondering whether it's better for me to switch to Freedom/Public/other because of 4G.

What's important to me is primarily cost, the ability to cheaply call abroad (UK), reliable service and obviously maximise the amount of Data I get (can't do less than 6gb). Any recommendations on the best cheap network?
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Jan 18, 2010
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You'll get 8.5gb for the same price on Public or Lucky mobile. It's 4g network, but the speed is limited to 3mbps, which should be fine for most uses.

If your area has good Freedom coverage, that's an option too, you will get even better value with them and no speed restrictions like Public. Freedom also have some nice promos right now if you're into 2 yr commitments
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Nov 28, 2013
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Public and Lucky will be using the same towers, so coverage will be identical. As far as speed/network reliability, both will probably be decent. Lucky has a customer service line you can call, but PM only has forum based (though I quite liked their forum based service, always got excellent response times personally). The capped-LTE data on both of their networks technically has a slower top speed than what you'll likely get with real 3G, but may still feel faster because LTE has much better latency. You'll primarily notice it when downloading large files. Of course, you can always turn off LTE on your phone and get uncapped real 3G if you need to download larger files for some reason. Neither offers subsidized phone options. Public has an international calling addon that gets you 400 minutes to the UK for $15, no idea about Lucky.

Freedom, on the other hand, has full speed LTE. It started out only on one or two frequencies (which older phones may not support), but they bought a bunch of more common spectrum a few years back and they've been rolling it out. I don't know if that's everywhere or not yet, you can check out your local cell towers here. They also have "unlimited" (capped speed once you hit your full speed data cap, in the sub-512kbps range, I think 256?) data. They also have "zones" so you'd need to check out their coverage map to see how often you travel outside their zones, and pick a plan accordingly (some plans offer more "out of zone" data than others). They also have the benefit of "subsidized" phones. They also have the least reliable 3G network of the three (important for calls and SMS, which are still carried over the 3G network), where reliability is defined as "it's fine in some places, no so much in others" - there's still people reporting issues around York University, for example. But you'd have to research on your own what people's experiences are like in the areas you frequent.
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