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Sep 25, 2010
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Cheaper Shipping?

Hey there,

I'm shipping out 35cm X 25cm X 3cm, 240 gram packages, and the cheapest domestic Canadian shipping I could find was through paypal's create-a-label with Canada Post. But at $8 - $13, depending on location, I still find expensive for a parcel this small.

Our US shipping is cheaper then this, at less than $8 to ship anywhere in the mainland US for a package this size.

Are there any alternatives or loopholes to get cheaper shipping? Looking to get it at around $5 if possible.

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Sep 24, 2010
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Try SecureShip
Best Guy. I always had the best pricing and customer service from them. Eshipper.com is good but people had issues with them while in this case, it was very pleasant and transparent experience

Sandy Ahluwalia
Account Executive
Secureship Inc.
Phone: 613-731-0888, Fax: 613-249-7100
[email protected]

You can also give my reference if required (EFANI)


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