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Mar 7, 2009
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Cambridge, Ontario

Cheapest debit machine?

Hi I'm a small business and do about 70k per year. I have been using square and it charges quite a bit. I'm looking for recommendations for a debit/credit machine as there seems to be a wide list to choose from. Or at the very least...who I shouldn't go with. Thanks!
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Feb 18, 2014
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fryguy1987 wrote: I asked the same question while ago.

For a wireless unit, the Costco deal is very strong. For a wired unit, Costco's overall fees are still competitive, but can be bettered.

OP, if you would like more info, feel free to PM me. Regardless, make sure you consider the following:

- always rent your unit. Purchase / Lease is NOT the way to go (I can offer purchase / lease and make more money, but never do)

- cancellation fees. If it's more than $300 to cancel or a clause that says "the greater of", stay away

- pricing. In most cases, Interchange Plus will be the most cost effective pricing structure for you. For this reason, you never see the "big boys" offer Interchange Plus to small business.