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Check FS Invoice if PM'ing by Phone

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  • Nov 10th, 2009 4:45 pm
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Check FS Invoice if PM'ing by Phone

I price matched something (by phone) at FS and that went fairly smoothly. I ended up getting an item priced at $80 for $50 through the pricematch with BB. Unfortunately, you cannot see what the adjusted price on your online order until it ships - the online order remains at the regular, unadjusted this case $80 instead of $50.

So it ships today and I get my .pdf invoice and open it up. Firstly, they did not give me the extra 10% off on the pricematch ($3). Secondly, I was taxed on the original price of $80 and not on the adjusted price of $50 (that's another $3+). Not a big deal as it was a small purchase, but still...

I called them and got it all cleared up, so it should be all worked out (I'll see on my CC statement, once updated). Anyways, I wrote this so others that PM by phone are aware of these "inconsistencies" and should double-check their invoice once they have access to it (unfortunately, only after it ships). This may add up being a lot more than just over $6 for anyone making a large purchase this way, so be aware.

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