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Children Bedroom Furniture

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Children Bedroom Furniture

My son is almost 2.5yo who is currently still sleeping in a crib but I think it's time we should transition him to a bed soon. I'm looking at mainly twin or double beds (we already have mattresses) with atleast a dresser and side table.

We went to the Ikea bed sale last week and everything looks and feel so cheap..I can't imagine anything there lasting more than a few years esp with a kid who's likely going to be jumping and flopping in and out of it.

Ideally it's something he can grow into and last into his late teens. Where should I go to look for reasonably priced furniture with good quality? What am I looking to spend?
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Jun 23, 2017
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I stronly recommend pottery barn kids for kids' furniture.
I'm not sure if their bed can last for late teens but should be ok for elemtary years. Their kids' furniture has good quality and also very easy to install, unlike ikeas where you can have hundreds of pieces and sometimes you will find out the holes/screws doesn't match.
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Sep 12, 2007
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Make a bed frame and buy the mattress - this way you can customize endlessly and exactly how you want it to be; just build it to fit standard mattress size obviously.
There are a million ideas for designs like this, and it's very cheap out of just regular SPF (indoor framing) lumber.
It's very very easy if you are somewhat handy.
Yes, IKEA stuff generally feels cheap.

I made a queen bed frame and headboard for my basement bedroom, future kid use, but for now guest bedroom. The cost was under $50 for all the wood and screws.
>In the middle of the headboard is a cubby hole, it has 2 x USB outputs for charging, as well as you could put a remote and such in there.
>Also on the right side (facing the headboard) there are 3 spaces for storing books, etc behind it (hidden, but easily accessible)
>I turned out really nice (well I'm happy with it, and so is the wife) and it's solid solid. I built it IN the room, took a bit as I couldn't commit more than 1H at a time, but for me I needed a customer frame as the basement was dug down, which added this cement footing about 9" high and 6" out from the wall and since the room is small I wanted as much of the frame to use that 6" space.
>I added the lights built-in the headboard, got them from I think for $20 each, maybe less...
>Pretty much this was designed on the go, but I had an idea of what I wanted; be creative, you can do anything!
>Anything bought for kids from stores is overpriced, for obvious reasons.

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Jan 9, 2011
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eclone wrote: Where should I go to look for reasonably priced furniture with good quality? What am I looking to spend?
Forget kids' themed beds. Get an adult twin or double. Agree with Zeddy, solid wood is what you want, not particle board. Ikea has some solid wood (pine) beds for cheap, <$100. We went with Ikea Hemnes for one of our kids, a little more expensive than Ikea's other offerings, but still solid pine, and looks nice.