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Chinese Brand Tablets Discussion Thread

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  • Sep 24th, 2016 6:59 pm
Apr 6, 2016
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Chinese Brand Tablets Discussion Thread

IDC forecasts that the detachable tablets (also called 2-in-1s) will drive future growth. And Windows tablets will grab the majority of the detachables market.

Below are some hot Chinese tablet brands and models:
Chinese tablet brands: Chuwi, Teclast, Cube, Onda, Vido, Voyo, etc.
Hot tablet size: 7.0 inch, 8.0 inch, 9.7 inch, 10.1 inch, 10.6 inch, 11.6 inch, 12.0 inch, 12.2 inch, 13.3 inch
Hot 7 inch phablets: Chuwi Vi7, Teclast X70 R
Hot 8 inch tablets: Chuwi Hi8 Pro, Teclast X80 Plus, Vido W8X
Hot 9.7 inch tablets: Teclast X98 Plus, Teclast X98 Pro
Hot 10.1 inch 2-in-1 tablets: Chuwi Hi10, Chuwi HiBook, Teclast Tbook 10, Onda OBook10, Voyo VBook V1
Hot 12 inch 2-in-1 tablets: Chuwi Hi12, Cube i9

Which of these Chinese tablets would you pick? :?: :?:
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Jan 24, 2007
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Bought Teclast X98 Plus from Banggood, took over a month to get it.

Not everything works as advertised especially with MicroSD, have yet to find one that will work without corruption after a few hours. Windows 10 on my tablet will not boot up now after updates due to corrupted MicroSD card. Lots of frustration with their support due to time diff, language barrier and/or stalling/delaying with replies. They ask for lots of things like pictures and even have to upload video to YouTube for them to assist. Still waiting to hear back from support.

Pay with PayPal, never with CC so that you can open dispute and at least get some "grudging" support like I am, lol. Log every conversation and mind the time frame for the resolution of dispute. I just got this sneaky suspicion that it will drag on until they can wear me down and I give up.

Bottom line is they have a great idea with the dual OS, good Intel processor, but the support is not up there if you run into problems.
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Nov 7, 2014
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Vancouver, BC
I got a teclast x98 air iii from banggood. Took 3 months to get here because they sent the wrong tablet first. I have only used android on it. The screen is very nice. Works quote well. Build quality is very good too
-scrolling on screen is not smooth. Maybe I can root and install something to fix this?
-some mainstream apps can't be downloaded from the app store eg. Terraria and candy crush. Not totally sure about this but u believe it has to do with an Intel x86 chip (as opposed to an arm chip) being used.
- battery life is just ok. I think 6hr screen on time in one day. My typical usage is 2 days with about 3hr screen on time before battery dead

Seriously though if u want good info just goto Chinese tablets are what the site is about and as far as I can tell the guy seems to be a trustworthy viewer. He doesn't hesitate to say when things suck donkey balls
Jan 24, 2007
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+1 for and xda is very good too!

My tablet is now fixed after reading xda and downloading bios upgrade posted there. These Chinese tablets are now getting popular and support for them can only get better and better with custom ROMs and tweaks.

For anyone on the fence about trying out these Chinese brands, do your research first on both forums and be prepared to get your hands dirty. Definitely not for the not so techie consumers.
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Mar 22, 2016
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I bought Chuwi Hibook from ********, I'm generally very impressed with my Chuwi HiBook, the screen quality is much better than earlier Chuwi models and the video playback and sound quality are as good as many more expensive tablets. The metal case sets it above most others as a travel companion. It support Type-c interface,Micro USB interface, HDMI interface....

I also bought a original Chuwi Hibook Keyboard with $43.67.

Happy with my Hibook.
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Aug 15, 2013
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redapplely wrote: I bought Chuwi Hibook from ********, I'm generally very impressed with my Chuwi HiBook, the screen quality is much better than earlier Chuwi models and the video playback and sound quality are as good as many more expensive tablets. The metal case sets it above most others as a travel companion. It support Type-c interface,Micro USB interface, HDMI interface....

I also bought a original Chuwi Hibook Keyboard with $43.67.

Happy with my Hibook.

I'm glad you are happy with your Chuwi Hibook. I also wanted to purchase the Chuwi Hibook but instead opted for the Chuwihi10 instead of the chuwi HiBook like you've mentioned

So which Chinese retailor are you? Aliexpress?********?
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Nov 28, 2013
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******** sent me a TBook 10 to review (full disclosure, they sent it to me for free, but if it sucks I'm going to make it very clear that it sucks in my review). I haven't done a full review on it yet (only an unboxing - if you really care to see it, feel free to message me).

Initial impressions:
- positive - Build quality is very nice
- positive - It looks great, feels pretty good in the hand
- negative (minor) - Windows 10 was installed with some Chinese junkware, virus and malware scans come up clean except for one of the apps, which is "Funshion" - not sure if that is actually malware though, more like adware. I had issues uninstalling one of the apps (the uninstall app crashed) but I just deleted the app folder and voila, gone.
- positive - Android is pretty much stock, Play store installed by default, as well.
- negative (but minor) - Android comes with a handful of the standard Chinese junkware apps that are all easily removed.
- negative (not sure if this is a major issue or not, haven't had enough time to play with it) - Wifi seems to be a bit finicky - sometimes I get great speeds, other times it's 10 kb/s even though showing full wifi bars
- positive - it came with an OTG cable, which was nice since it only has a microusb port
- negative - you HAVE to bring the OTG cable with you if you want to use regular usb peripherals when you're out and about
- negative - it is VERY easy to break the Windows installation on it. If you try to do a regular Windows reset (to go back to stock), it looks like it's freezing if you don't have the power supply plugged in (it seems slower for some reason - maybe battery saving?). If you then do a hard reset (hold down the power button), your Windows install could die completely, and then recovery no longer works. I know this from personal experience.
- positive (sort of, if you are technically inclined and/or able to figure things out given enough perseverence) - Thankfully, you can download the firmware flashing files through the Teclast site here (Chinese version of the page only, use Chrome and translate) and muddle through the instructions in order to get everything re-flashed. I actually broke EVERYTHING by trying to install the TBook 11's firmware, and that was a straight up disaster, and then it took me a day and a half to figure out how to re-flash everything, once I actually found the files :)
- negative - Teclast stores their firmware files over on Baidu. And to download big (the firmware is broken into multiple 2GB chunks) files, you have to install their stupid downloader app. It's a PAIN IN THE ASS. I'm going to try to find a place to store those files for future people that go looking for them, at the same time that I write up the tutorial for flashing.
- negative - you have to push the microsd card WAY in to get it to stay in, and you also have to push way in to pop it out. Frustrating.

No real comments on performance yet. Overall, for a sub-$200 dual boot China tablet, I've gotten pretty much what I expected - it's not AMAZING BLOW YOUR MIND, but it's not a horrific piece of junk either. Build quality was actually a little better than I expected, but this is my first ChinaTablet so my expectations were low.
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Dec 11, 2012
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have a chuwi vi8 for a while now & i've never received an android fw update (the windows side is fine cos updates are pushed by ms) but thats not the only gripe. the worst is that it seems to attract adware (&perhaps spyware/malware) like theres no tomorrow that i feel its custom built into the current (&only) fw. this bothers me so much so i dont use it for any critical apps (eg. banking/paypal & other such).

i learnt my lesson & moved on to a minty preowned nexus 9 running the latest MM. i'd have to admit its seemingly only slightly quicker but everything else is better. personally i'd never buy another chinese exclusive tab again.
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Dec 10, 2004
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Had an Onda v975w and it was essentially useless in sunlight. Could not get bright enough at 100%, and even indoors, it was about the equivalent of 60-70% compared to the Vivotab 8. It lagged quite a bit more than the Vivotab as well, which had identical specs.
Battery wasn't that great, I could get about 4-5hrs on it with Windows 10. Slightly less than the Vivotab 8 which would give me 6-7hrs doing the same tasks.
Cheap plastic touchscreen which worked but it wasn't glass like the Vivotab.
Mar 30, 2016
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Chuwi, Teclast is better than the onda and cube
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Dec 16, 2003
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Is anyone aware of a chinese tablet with good build quality that runs on Z8700 chip, with at least 4gb ram?