Chip Ignition Key for Mazda6 2007

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Jan 10, 2008
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Chip Ignition Key for Mazda6 2007

I am requesting for help.I have a Chip Ignition Key for my 2007 Mazda6 car but I need a second keys for backup.I called a few dealers in GTA area but they are very expensive. Kindly send me any cheaper locksmith,person,shop who can help me.
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Aug 22, 2011
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EBAY (seriously).
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Dec 8, 2008
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vkizzle wrote: EBAY (seriously).
+1 I got one on ebay, but you may need it to be programmed at the dealer. At least you can get the key for cheap
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Sep 5, 2014
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I think that I paid $350ish? when mine was replaced.
that was from mazda of bramladesh I think..
Mar 16, 2010
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I have one that I bought for my protege and never used it. Will need programming and maybe a new battery. It's the blade style. PM me if you're interested and shoot me the part number if there is one so we can make sure it works for your car. Mine came from a Mazda 3 I believe.
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Oct 26, 2008
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For goodness sake. Transponder keys and immobilizers exist for a reason. If they were easy to cut and program for starting a vehicle, what would be the point of them?

If you just need another key with integrated buttons to open the doors but not start the car - different situation and definitely a cheap DIY.

But to get a proper duplicate key because you lost one of the originals, or bought a used car and they only gave you one key, it's going to cost a bit for a reason.

Dealer price may be over the top, but somewhere around $100 could be your target.
Mar 4, 2006
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If it is anything like the Mazda5 than you need to have 2 working transponder keys if you want to program it yourself. Procedure can be done in a minute, but if you only have one working key than it can clone by a lock smith or pay the dealer to program a new key.


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