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Chromecast issues with certain router dlink-867

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  • Dec 22nd, 2019 4:37 pm
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Chromecast issues with certain router dlink-867

When i connect my Oculus Quest to the dlink-867 i cannot see my tv as a cast target. If i connect to the main router i can see it. If i connect to a different router used as an access point i can see it. Why can't i cast when connected to this router?

Long description:
i have an old netgear N750 router, a sony x900f tv (android tv with chromecast) and an oculus quest. Tv is wired ethernet to router. Casting from quest sees the TV as a valid cast target and it works.

I picked up a dlink 867 (AC1750) router to improve bandwidth for casting. As i've done with many routers in the past i wanted to use it just as an access point. i ignored it's "internet" port and wired one of it's 4 LAN ports into the existing router and i turned off DHCP and all firewalls in the new router. I'm not worried about the physical setup. done this many times. In fact i placed this new router next to tv. So the wire goes from Cable modem->Netgear N750 (with dhcp turned on)-> Dlink 867 (dhcp & firewall off)-> sony tv. I connected the quest to the new AC wireless of the dlink. it's connecting at 860ish Mbps. Quest has internet. Tv has internet. I even did some Virtual desktop streaming of SteamVR games from my pc with this connection. All is good.

But when i try to cast from the quest to tv, the tv no longer shows up in the list of targets. If i switch the quest back to connect to the wifi of the netgear then i see the tv as a target. It's always available when connected to the netgear (both 2.5 and 5Ghz) and never available when connected to the dlink (both 2.5 and 5Ghz). I have another even older router from 9ish years ago. i plugged it in and set it up as an access point just like the dlink-867. if i connect the quest to it i can see the tv as a cast target.

Is there any kind of known reason for this kind of thing? I have Huawei android phone. If i connect it to the wifi of the dlink it can see and cast to the tv no problem. It's just the quest that seems to not like this.

Things i've tried in the dlink. 2.5ghz and 5ghz. sepecific wifi channel instead of auto. specific channel width instead of auto.

Any thoughts at all?
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Dec 22, 2006
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You might have IGMP Snooping enabled. Try disabling it and see if it helps.