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[PSA] Cineplex Admit One Tickets - Prices going up!

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Feb 7, 2006
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666 wrote: Sorry for dig up this old thread. But anyone knows if cineplex will extend the expiry date?
From Cineplex: Link
Do Cineplex certificates expire?
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Updated 10 hours ago
Single admission, bundled admission, or concession certificates do not expire. Products that do not expire include:

Admit One
VIP Admit One
Child Admit One
Senior Admit One
3D Admit One
One Popcorn
Great Escape
3D Great Escape
Child Adventure
3D Child Adventure
All vouchers that are issued without charge, such as Courtesy and Be Our Guest certificates are subject to the expiry date on back of the certificate itself, unless otherwise stated.

Should you have a certificate that’s expired please use it in-person at the theatre and speak to the management team should you have any issues.