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[Circle K] (Mac's) Free Products (Quebec ONLY) (via Rock Paper Prizes Game)

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  • Jun 9th, 2019 7:29 pm
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May 7, 2007
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(Mac's) Free Products (Quebec ONLY) (via Rock Paper Prizes Game)

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July 2, 2019
Circle K
Thanks danned for the tip ...

I tried to play here in Winnipeg ... won something .. but couldn't redeem ... Rules say it's for Quebec only this time around .. (someone in their management told me that Western Canada game ( RFD thread on it was here - http://forums.redflagdeals.com/free-pro ... y-2269533/ ) was a test pilot project ... and the response was good ... so they are going with the game nowadays to Quebec ... Ontario etc... but some day are planning to have it for Western Canada again.

Lots of freebies this time ... some are pure freebies ... some are BOGO deals ... even 10 cents off gas etc

Terms and Conditions: https://rockpaperprizes.com/rules

Check out our Weekly and Instant Win Prizes! : https://rockpaperprizes.com/prizes

RULES: No purchase necessary. Entry in the Contest is open to legal residents of the province of Quebec who are 18 years of age or older and who meet the entry criteria. The Contest begins at 12:00 a.m. (EST) on June 5, 2019, and ends at 11:59 p.m. (EST) on July 2, 2019. All prizes can be claimed until October 3, 2019.


Unlike the "Western Canada game" ... you can now play up to 3 games / per day (instead of 1 game / per day that we had before) if you didn't win ...

If you won something in 1st game ... then can't play 2nd or 3rd game any longer (cuz won something) ... but if didn't win - 3 games / per day is maximum ... BUT then can play the next day again .. something like that.

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May 7, 2007
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As the World of Circle K Turns here in Winnipeg:

Darkman wrote:
Mar 12th, 2019 12:03 pm
Was hard to get proper person ... was sent from one dept. to another ... but finally manager for Manitoba called me ... (before that, nice lady also told me, that this shouldn't be happening ... if one flavor is not available they should just give you another one ... -- so now they reprogrammed i think ... to include other flavors, if something is unavailable ... I found a glitch basically).

So manager called me and told me not to worry ... they'll take good care of me ... setup everything for me .. and even throw in some coupons..

He just called me ... and told me I can just come there tomorrow (at time convenient for me ... - i told him that tomorrow is more convenient for me to drop by that store, as I'll be passing by there) ... and can select TWO (not just one) of those ice-creams any flavour I like / any flavor they carry ... plus he instructed them to give me some coupons (or freebies coupons or something like that ... - not exactly sure what kind of coupons)..

Nice people ... both this guy the manager for Manitoba ... and the lady in Calgary head office who assured me they'll take care of me for sure ... and this stuff should not be happening ...


He just text me actually ... and told me some lady will be dropping some (special) coupons there for me tomorrow ... so when I arrive there at time agreed, they'd have everything ready for me ... those coupons ... plus "take 2 ice creams" :)

Well ... it didn't occur previously ... whenever it was ... back in March or something like that. The lady felt sick and never made it there to drop off those coupons for me.

Then the manager told me they were going to mail 'em to me ... I said "okay" ... and life went on...

Totally forgot about those coupons... but couple of weeks ago I remembered about them and realized that I never received them ... Contacted that manager ... and he told me that they were mailed out to me, as far as he knew / understood.

I said ... "Nope. ... I didn't receive anything in the mail in any case ... and just remembered about them".

So he told me no problem .... that same lady is going to drop it off at that same Circle K for me when she is there.

Well the coupons were there for me, in an envelope with my name on it, I was informed ...

So today when I was driving by there ... I stopped and picked up the envelope ...

In it I found;

12 coupons (each size of business card kinda ... with upc codes on the back of each etc) --- 6 coupons, each for Free Circle K "freshly brewed" Medium Coffee ... and 6 coupons, each for Free Circle K Medium Froster (Slurpee) or Froster mixed with ice-cream (that one retails for a buck more, I think).

Pretty nice of them.


I tried to redeem from this Quebec only game's WIN (mentioned in this thread's OP) ... I won a Coffee Crisp, 50 gr, bar ... but the code / winning upc code didn't want to work (confirming it's for Quebec only basically) .... Then I was sitting in my car in front of their store texting with someone ... and suddenly my passenger door is opening and I see there the same Circle K clerk (owner maybe) with that Coffee Crisp bar ... LOL ... He wanted me to have it ... and basically gifted it to me ... :)

So when I finished texting .... I went back inside and got myself a Free Medium Coffee (with one of those coupons mentioned above) ... Then i sat outside for few minutes .. and had a Coffee Crisp, washing it down with freshly brewed coffee :)