Clean Label Project - Pet Food Rating

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Apr 11, 2006
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Clean Label Project - Pet Food Rating

Just stumbled upon this site today, and it appears they do ratings for Pet Food (among other things as well).

I looked at dog food specifically, and it's a simple five star system for four main categories:
1) Heavy Metals
2) Process Contaminants
3) Byproduct Contaminants
4) Ingredient Quality

I used to always feed my dog Orijen because it was regarded as "the best". Then there was all that news about heavy metals and contaminants. So when I looked it up on this site, sure enough, it confirms a poor rating due to heavy metals, and contaminants, but five stars on ingredient quality. They appear to cover quite a broad range of brands, and also do specific flavours within the brand as well, that you can search. ... -dog-food/
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