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Cloth towels

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Apr 19, 2017
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Cloth towels

Hi Guys

Can someone help me out.
I bought these light, kinda soft and durable towels a few years ago.
They were in a 20/30 pack for cheap.
I use them all over the house but I can't find them online and don't remember what they were called.
They are not microfiber cloths and they emit zero flint when cleaning .

I have attached pic.
Thanks in advance guys
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May 23, 2017
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Do they have a tag saying what material they are made out of? I could be way off here but they look like the cloth wipes I use for my baby. I did not buy mine though, a friend gave them to us. (She said she also uses them for cleaning around the house, though I have not tried using them for that purpose. But, they do seem like they would make good multi-purpose cloths.)

I don't know what material mine are but seems like they are available in a variety of materials such as cotton, flannel, hemp, bamboo, etc. If you search for "cloth wipes" in Amazon or Etsy there are lots that come up, e.g.:

https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1891276 ... ve_4&crt=1

https://www.amazon.ca/Bumkins-Reusable- ... 409&sr=8-6

(Again note that I did not buy either of these so can't vouch for whether or not they are any good.)