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Cold Basement - Old Gas Fireplace

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  • May 4th, 2020 12:36 pm
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Mar 28, 2004
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Cold Basement - Old Gas Fireplace

We bought an older house with a gas fireplace in the basement. The basement is used a lot, but the fireplace doesnt function that well. The pilot lot continually goes out and there is no blower.

The basement is pretty cold.

What would be a good alternative or new fireplace? I was looking at some options on Napolean site but says some like Vent-Free aren't allowed in Canada. Looking for something good looking, and warm that will pump some good heat.

Can I buy from anywhere and have a gas installer do the install?
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A stove will radiate heat and that's how it warms. Convection (i.e., fan) will speed the process. That said, some stoves send less heat up the chimney than others.

Maybe get it serviced/tuned. Flames should be mostly blue with a bit of yellow (blue is more efficient - but flame is made yellow - which indicates incomplete combustion - for ambiance.) A new furnace with installation may end up being factors more expensive than fixing.

As for basement being cold, either humidity is excessive (possible) or the heat is leaking out somewhere.
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