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collection added to account 4 years later?!

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  • Aug 17th, 2020 5:47 pm
Oct 19, 2019
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collection added to account 4 years later?!

Hey guys, freaking out a bit right now. I have been doing really well with repairing my credit score from past mistakes. I had two collections that I paid off in 2018. I have gotten a couple credit cards which were originally secured but ended up getting my deposit back and increases to my limit.

I logged into Equifax as I have been doing the trial to see what my "actual" score is. I got it up to about 690.

Well I log in today and find out about a supposed collection being added to my file that I have never heard of. I've never been called nor gotten anything in the mail...

This is what Equifax shows:

CANACCEDE CREDIT LP Date Assigned: 2020-04 Account Number: 134089** Collection Agency: NATIONAL CREDIT RECO Reason: Amount: $746.00 BalanceAmount: $746.00 Date of Last Payment: 2016-11 Date Paid:

The date in terms of last payment occur at a similar time to my other two settled collections. But what makes absolutely no sense is that this has come out now, nearly 4 years later. And I have never heard of Cannacede.

My score dropped nearly 100 points and all my hard work appears to be undone. I will file a dispute but something just doesn't add up. I don't want to call the collector as I know I will get perpetual spam calls once they have my number, but at the same time I need to find a way to prove this is real.

What do I do? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I should also note that on top of not receiving any mail, email, phone calls, Transunion does not show this collection.

Thanks guys