Collision Reporting to Peel Police vs. Toronto Police

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Aug 13, 2008
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Collision Reporting to Peel Police vs. Toronto Police

Collision occurred in Toronto 1 month ago.
Other driver went to a TPS collision reporting center same day to Toronto.
I live in Mississauga, and had to go to an appointment so I went to a reporting PRP center in Peel next day.
PRP first said my damage was <$2000 so I didn't need a report.
Insurance company highly recommended getting a report.
So I went back to PRP and they did the report for me and acknowledged that they will send a copy of the report to TPS (with the other driver's report reference #, which she had sent me). I have the both my PRP confirmation number / copy of the report and the other persons TPS confirmation number / copy of the report. PRP acknowledged that there is a mechanism for doing this.

Today, more than 1 month after the accident, I get a letter from TPS saying I need to come in to do a collision report.....


I'm going to go obviously to avoid any headaches, but has anyone done this before where they reported a collision to a reporting center outside the jurisdiction where the accident happened?